Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A regular ol' blog post

Ok, nothing too exciting has happened today - I did get locked out of the house with no car keys, no keys to get back *into* the house, with four small children but that was nothin'. Thanks to my handy-dandy new cell phone, my hubby was able to send a Children's Ministry volunteer down the road in no time flat with an extra house key. So that hardly counts as exciting - in fact, my kiddos thought it was pretty cool! If that tells you anything of the chaotic nature of our everyday lives. Getting locked out of your home in the freezing rain is no biggie....

So today I'm just gonna post a few pics of my kiddos when we went to cut down our Christmas tree this past weekend. Once we got past a few minor parental arguments....um....discussions, we had a *terrific* time actually searching for and picking out the perfect tree for our home! Elijah especially was LOVIN' the snow and the freedom to run around all those Christmas trees. Yet once we got inside the "warm-up" building to actually pay for the tree, perhaps get a hot drink and a cookie.....well......it all went downhill and downhill FAST!

That was one of those horrible parental moments when you just *know* that you have taught these children better than this, that you just *know* you've disciplined them and been consistant, and you just *know* their current behavior issues are COMPLETELY from your husband's side of the family (sorry, Marlene....you know what I mean). It was awful. I felt really bad for the other family sitting beside us, *trying* to form wonderful family Christmas traditions......um, ya, sorry about that.

Instead of focusing solely on that, let us instead remember their sweet faces when they were picking out the tree. It really was adorable - and sometimes you have to have selective memories of how things went so you'll be sure to actually attempt the same traditions again next year.....*wink*

~Elijah hammin' it up~

~See? He loves the camera~
~He must get it from his older brother, Isaac~

~The Girls: being sweet~

~Talitha throwing a snowball~
~My four beautiful babies~

Ok, time for me to get some laundry done - I've threatened my family that they are simply going to have to go naked for at least one day per week ~ my laundry seems to be out of control!! Ah, such is life. Later, my friends~


Janet said...

Such sweet, beautiful children!!!!! Give them hugs and kisses from us!!

*Michigan Momma* said...

All you see of me is my feet, laying on the ground cutting down the tree. Interesting.


Kenni B said...

I see Tali eating snow like her uncle Kenni and three of the four needing appropriate playing-in-the-snow gear!

Dean B. said...

They were all actually quite warm as the girls had pants/leggings AND cotton tights on - and Elijah had two one piece outfits on both with long sleeves.

They had a great time!


*Michigan Momma* said...

Ya, Kenni, they do all have snowsuits now (or snow pants & coats), but we didn't have that much snow on the ground where we live. This place is about 45 min. away, and obviously had MUCH more snow than we did. I thought about that as I watched my girls walking around in their tennis shoes.....oops!

Nice protective uncle you are, though~

Sarah said...

Your kiddos are so cute! I totally know what you are talking about. You just want to inform people that your children never really act like that. Really. :) It looks like your family had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Ha about the snow gear. Shows what a great mom I am. I was thinking...look at them, they are all dressed so warm with their mittens on! Looked good to me!