Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where does he pick these things up?

The other day, my oldest was talking on the phone with my mom. You have to understand: my 7yob is not like your average 7yob. He is fairly naive and I like it that way for now. He is sweet and innocent and says just the most adorable things.

Case in point: while visiting my folks over the Thanksgiving holiday, my mom planned a time for the kiddos to decorate their small Christmas tree with ornaments, especially some "special" ornaments dating back from when *I* was a small child. They loved it! Especially my Isaac. At one point my mom caught him standing around, smiling and then he said, "Now, *this* is the life!". What a sweetie!!

So anyways, here is Isaac talking to his Mema, when suddenly he says to her, "uh, Mema, I have to go". Assumedly, she replied back to him and then he said, "No, Mema, I have to go. You're breaking up!". What?!? I heard her laughing on the other end. He then said, "You know! You're going kshhhhh, kshhhh, kshhhh. I gotta go".

What?! You're breaking up? Where did he pick *that* up? Did he think his Mema was going to believe he was traveling through a tunnel??

Cracks me up......

You just gotta love this little man!!

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Sarah said...

Too cute! He sounds like a hoot! I just rhymed, and not on purpose. :)