Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's still working....

My kiddos have been consistantly staying in their rooms, playing quietly, until 8am (or later). Some days I sleep until 8am, some days I get up earlier than they do. Either way, my home is not destroyed before my day has even begun - WOW!!

Here's a funny:
Yesterday (Wednesday), I left for an OB appointment fairly early. Even though it was after 8am, no one had gotten out of their rooms yet. The boys were still asleep. The girls were awake, but still playing quietly. My dh was getting ready when I left.

Everything went fine that day. Later, we had church in the evening. As I am dropping off one of my kiddos at their class, I hear, "Hey Lori, did you know that I yelled at your girls this morning??".


It was Pastor Dan, the Jr. High Pastor, who also happens to live in the other side of the church duplex. Apparently, he was having some issues getting his vehicle out of the snow-packed driveway. His own two girls were talking to him from the car: Daddy, we're going to be late. Daddy, why aren't we moving? Daddy, do something. Come on, Daddy, hurry up. You get the idea...

Well, my girls happened to see the commotion outside from their bedroom window. They unlocked and opened the window so they could "talk" to Pastor Dan.

Hi Pastor Dan, what are you doing?

What are you doing? Hi! Pastor Dan, what are you DOING??

Hey, Pastor Dan, we can see your BUTT!! (said as the poor man is trying to spread salt out under the tires)

Well, apparently, *that* was hilarious to my girls! A boy's butt - HA!! They then had to repeat the offending sentance over & over & OVER!!!

Hey, Pastor Dan, we can see your butt! We can see your BUTT! WE CAN SEE YOUR BUTT!!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha........

Ya, really funny, girls.

So between the freezing cold, the stuck vehicle, his own girls telling him to hurry and my girls telling him they could see his butt (poor man), he had HAD enough!

He turned to my girls and yelled, "GIRLS!! Pastor Dan is *NOT* in the mood right now. Get your heads back inside and close the window!".

My girls, luckily, did as they were told.

My Selah later told me, "Pastor Dan is a nice man. He just wasn't in the mood. I think he was frustrated (ya think?!). He yelled at us like you do sometimes when you are frustrated with us. He told us to stop talking, like you do when you are frustrated. But he's a nice man, right Momma??"

Yes daughter, he's a nice man. Thank goodness.....

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Tess said...

I LOVE those little firecrackers!

Ooops...sory for the *crack*.


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