Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tackling the *beast*

You *do* know what I'm talking about, right?!


The inordinate amount of clothing in this house is just crazy! And I'm not a horder, we actually *enjoy* tossing stuff around here, going through piles, donating, sharing, just throwing away, etc. Yet somehow, my children have *crazy* amounts of clothing.

I know this is a blessing, actually. We have *great* grandparents and other relatives who shower our children with needed items whenever they hear about the slightest need. We also have a WONDERFUL church family who listens to the Lord's prompting - as we always seem to get a bag of second hand clothes (or even brand new stuff!!) in EXACTLY the right sizes that we need. Amazing!!

Yet still......along with all the needed items we receive, we also gather lots of UN-needed items as well. How many turtle necks can Selah actually wear? Especially considering her sweet little body can't wear skirts properly, so she is my dresses-only girl for the most part. And how, exactly, did my 7yob get addicted to jammies?? I'm working on it, but he feels the NEED to put on a fresh new pair each and every night - *sigh*....


Yesterday, I began to tackle the girls' clothes. My sweet Isaac was helping me out. He also was playing "Radio Show" of some kind - so there was a running commentary of my actions into his microphone. He also was telling his listeners how hard his momma works, how much work she does everyday, running through his 7yob list of important jobs I do every day. *huge ol' sigh* That really made my day!

Yet as far as I got yesterday was a HUGE ol' pile of dirty clothes (remember, I've been sick this week, so it piled up on me more than normal) just waiting for me by the laundry room door ~ plus a large basket of girl clothes that need to be sorted: give away, throw away, save for next baby girl.

In case you're new here, I have large bins for each size, according to sex: Boys 0-3months, Girls 12-18months, Boy Shoes, Girls 3-4T, etc.... I limit myself to ONE bin though. If I find I have more clothes than my Girls 6-9months bin can hold - I *have* to give some away! This system has worked for me for years, although I do believe it will need some tweaking here soon (as my kiddos get bigger, as we decide what house to buy soon, how laundry will be set up there, etc.)

~ Here's a pic from our last home, but at least you can see the type of bins I'm talking about~

Today, I will attack the huge ol' pile of dirty laundry, sort through the girls' stuff, and begin the boys' clothes as well. Elijah has more clothes than ANY almost 2yob should EVER have!! It's crazy~

And for the record, I don't have any "preset" idea of how many outfits per child, how many pairs of shoes/jammies/undies....etc. Every once in a while, like now, I go through the hanging clothes and the drawers, pulling out what just isn't getting worn. Not only do kids only NEED so many clothes, kids only WEAR so many clothes. Lots of times, you end up only using the few items on top in the drawers, or only the clothes hanging in the front of the closet. The other stuff hangs there, MAYBE being used once or twice per kid. Just not needed!!

So I sort through those items, trying, trying, TRYING not to be sentimental about certain items, nor hording things we just aren't using. It's just not worth it. And as the kiddos get older, less clothing is easier for them to handle to. If it's easier for *them*, I have a better chance of passing on some of this laundry care on to them as well!! Whoo-hoo!

So wish me luck! I would post a pic of the piles around here, but....well....I have *some* dignity left...........

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Vix said...

Ah.. Laundy.. the bain of my existence!!!!!!! I do the same sort of thing only I keep clothes for the first year of baby life in girl and boy only and in the upper sizes my rule is if it cant be worn by someone in a year than out it goes to bless someone else. So far the Lord has provided any extra needed clothes.. :)

PS, thanks for the comment on "Less is more" helps to know someone else goes through it too.