Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just sick.

I'm sick.

That's all - just a bit of sinus-y gunk, some muscle aches, a bit of coughing....gross....

Oh, and itchy....going to the OB on Wednesday morning though, so I'm hoping she can help me out in that department. I read that only about 1% of mommas get this horrid itching. Wouldn't you know it....

And lastly, I did something to my pinky. Weird. Yesterday, while lying in bed all day (my WONDERFUL dh stayed home and played Mr. Mom for me - yes, he truly *is* amazing!), I noticed my right pinky was sore. Not bad, just sore. Like, I couldn't quite make a complete fist. Yet it's not broken or bruised or red or anything. I didn't think much of it.

Then today, I wake up with more pain. Now I can't quite bend my pinky finger all the way down to my palm, and I think it's a bit swollen - yet here I am typing with minimal pain - so it's not broken. What is going on??? AND....I can't remember hurting it at all?! What is going on???!?!?


p.s. I'm lining up 500 calorie or less recipes and planning out a new menu plan. Anyone care to join me?? I'm going to try some of them here before the baby arrives and then really kick it into gear after that. I make milk like a crazy heifer (that sounds terrible) so I'm not concerned about milk supply (for those of you who would be worried). I would never "diet" to my baby's detriment....puleeeeease!!!
Anyways, anyone interested?? I'll post some recipes soon. They're all fairly simple and family-friendly.
After I stop snotting and hacking, I'll be back. Gross.


Morgan said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Do you have a rash with the itching? I had a really really bad rash (PUPPS?) with my first baby- the itching drove me nuts. I hope that's not what you have!

I'm up for recipes- I'm working on freezer meals and getting my menu more planned otu.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!!!!! Do mention the itching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might have to be delivered ASAP. There's a serious medical condition that happens during these final weeks. And severe itching is a symptom of it.

Cholestasis! It can cause still births. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE get a blood test for it.

Not to scare you but, this is serious IF you have it.
I'll be praying for you. I'm sure I just scared the bejesus out of you!

Anonymous said...

And whatever you do don't use aveeeno or have an oatmeal bath. Or take a Benadryl (which is usually safe during pregnancy) at least not until you see your dr.


marlene said...

Geezow! More for an already very busy mom to think about. I'm glad I got this update so I can be praying also. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

I know Marlene, but if she doesn't act and it is cholestasis, it can be VERY serious.

*Michigan Momma* said...

ya, I've heard of the cholestasis - or whatever it's called. I don't think that's it (although I'll still talk to my OB of course). It just doesn't really fit my symptoms. I don't have itchy hands or feet, I've got a rash pretty much everywhere I itch (no rash with the cholestasis), and I've had this for WEEKS on end. Cholestasis is said to be toxic and critical after 2 weeks....and yet I've felt baby LOTS this whole time.

So yes, thanks for mentioning it - 'cause that *is* a very serious thing to have ~ but I'm fairly certain that's not it. We'll find out what the OB thinks tomorrow.

Thanks Danielle~

*Michigan Momma* said...

Ok, I just went and rechecked the symptoms - I'm pretty sure this isn't it. It's most likely PUPPS - it's mostly in areas where my skin is stretching due to weight gain from the pg. Back of upper arms, belly (in stretch marks - ugh), thighs, even my calves where they are getting stretched.

Nothing has changed with my urine or bm's (gross, I know), nor exhaution, I certainly haven't lost my appetite....etc. Whew....I feel better having just re-checked that out!

I *will* mention it to my OB tomorrow morning, 'cause she may see things I don't or she may just want to check my liver function levels - just to be sure.

Thanks again, Danielle - if nothing else, maybe someone else will see this and realize itching can be serious during pregnancy. It really does sound scary!

Lastly, MAN, we are having a crazy, freezing, dry winter here in my MI - so I'm betting all that is adding to the itching as well.
Plus, hot showers feel *so* good - even though I know they aren't actually helping my situation.

I'm just gonna have my dh rub me down with lotion each day for the next 6 weeks......are you ready, honey!?!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feeling better & your itching goes away!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh good!! I do apologize if I did cause you unneeded worry. But I wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention it. KWIM?

I did know a few people w/this, so it isn't rare. All did have good outcomes.

Good luck today!!! Keep us posted!