Saturday, January 31, 2009

A normal day...

Ok, I just wasted time typing out what's going on around here - but it was so boring I just couldn't post it.

Here's a quick re-cap:
*blood drawn today for uric acid. should know something this coming week.
*took Selah w/ me to the hospital - it was a nice field trip w/ lots of questions.
*my mom & niece arrive tonight to visit for 1 whole week - fun times!
*my laundry is finally under control. I made up another container of homemade laundry soap from my first batch - this stuff is going to last FOREVER!!
*I have spent a few days organizing kids' clothes - Salvation Army, here we come!
*my house all that clean. Even with my mother arriving tonight, I just can't will myself to mop. *big ol' sigh*

See?! Just not all that interesting. Oh well, I'm still praying for February to *fly* by!! I'm ready to meet this little one~

With the Super Bowl this Sunday, our evening services are cancelled, which lessens the hectic-ness of the whole weekend. I'm not a football fan per se, but I'm excited about this game for that reason alone. Since we added in Saturday night services, our weekends have become crazy and hectic and tiring. YEAH FOOTBALL (who woulda thunk it??)

Hope you all have a great weekend~


Anonymous said...

Hey fellow Michigander! Enjoy the time spent with your family!

Jenn said...

I just found your blog through the comments from At The Well. I am from Michigan, too, so I thought I would come and check out your blog. Have a great week and I'll be back!