Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It *will* happen...

Yes, it *will* get more interesting around here again....someday.

Right now, I have my mom & niece visiting, we got hit with more snow (again), I miss my hubby and I'm itchy. That's about it. Baby is still moving around lots, which is such a comforting, "momma" feeling - I love it.

I am making up a "stash" baby blankie for this little one - from all that extra yarn crocheters have stashed around the house. Since we don't know if this baby will be a boy or a girl, I will simply use colors I like, colors that make me feel all warm and comfy and basically just make me smile. I'm also hoping it will help me get off my feet more. There's something about having your fifth little really aren't as young as you used to be, your body is a bit more tired ~ yet you are pushing yourself way more than for the first baby, 'cause you've got four other little ones that need you. My dh is *wonderful* and really WANTS me to take it easy. He is great about the house, about helping out, about simply relaxing and helping me to relax as well. PTL!! I'm lovin' that man of mine~

So while we thaw out around here (supposed to get up into the 30's & 40's over the next week), I'll try to snap some end-of-pregnancy pics. What's happening around here, how homeschooling is *really* going at this stage, ways in which I am trying to prepare for the arrival of this little one (like freezing meals - got any tried-n-trusted ideas?)....I love looking at snippets of other momma's life, so I like sharing pics here as well.

Hope you all are staying warm, counting your blessings and trusting in Him. Some days, that's all I can manage - and that's okay~


Jenn said...

Sounds like your keeping pretty busy!

Morgan said...

you'll have to post a picture of your stash blanket when it's done!