Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Anyone want to give me a quick review of Switched-on-Schoolhouse curriculum?? It's from Alpha Omega (just like my current stuff: The Weaver).

It's just an option I'm considering when my little ones get a bit bigger. Sounds like a good option for busy homeschoolin' mommas of many ~ at least for some children. It also seems they are fixing many of the "tech" problems that I've heard about in the past editions.

**click on the above pic to go to their "Overview" page**

Anyways, just checking things out. Let me know what you think~


Anonymous said...

I used it for my kids Jr High & High School. I LOVED it because it took a big chunk of my workload away & saved me from burnout which I was approaching rapidly! LOL The only problem we had was that both my children found a way to cheat. I don't know if they fixed those loopholes yet or not.

Squirrel T said...

You can read more about SOS at

I've heard the 2009 version in much better than the older versions and people really like it.