Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It has been *cold* around here. Seriously cold. Maybe it's always been like this, but I don't remember it as a kid. Maybe living in Colorado for 3 1/2 yrs turned me into a 'winter wimp' (even when it snowed, you hardly needed a huge ol' winter was very mild where we lived).

Anyways, cold.

~My sweet Selah~

So cold, I have been chicken to really let my kiddos play too much outside. The other day, even with really low temps, the sun was shining brightly - so outside my two older ones went. And they didn't seem to be bothered by the cold - I ended up having to call them in for a cup 'o' hot chocolate. I'm really glad they got that time outside - I just love winter and want them to love it as well (okay, well, I love it except for all the bundling and un-bundling of many small children).

~can you see that big ol' gap of missing teeth? Go Isaac!~

With all this cold weather, I have also been baking more (does that happen with everyone else?). Here is a loaf of my Cinnamon Raisin Bread - a big hit with my kids & my dh! Btw, the small, white microwave in the background ~ it was a gift from my mil. I believe it was a 'camper-size' microwave - it's pretty small. Yet it's *perfect* for us! We really only use it for reheating foods, leftovers, etc. It doesn't take up huge amounts of counter space either - which is seriously lacking in this house.

Well, lacking if you are trying to cook from scatch while entertaining/teaching four small children who all want to "sit up there and SEE!!". Adorable!

Here's my newly found Bluetooth. It has become my bestest friend. It may seem weird for a SAHM mom to use a Bluetooth - but I challenge you to find any business person busier than a SAHM with many little ones!! With this little contraption, I am able to get some baking done while also talking to my mother on the phone. I never get the time to simply sit down and talk on the phone. Now I can change a diaper, or make my bed, or stir the soup - and actually answer the phone!

Uh-oh, speaking of which.......I'd better check my minutes for this month....sorry honey.....:/

~can you see my sweet lil' redhead on my phone's wallpaper? Cutie-pie Talitha~

Another topic: Picky eaters. I told my dh it's a bit unfair to firstborn children. New parents just don't realize how picky their children may be becoming. I know I didn't. Yet now, with four - going on five - small children, I don't have time nor money nor energy to figure out *exactly* what my children want to eat. They eat what I put on the table (which, btw, is tasty & nutritious - well, most of the time).

Elijah will never really have to go through this (most likely) 'cause we have a standing rule - you eat what we put in front of you. If you don't even *try* it, you eat it again at the next meal (or when you get hungry).

Which is what this next picture is - Tator Tot Casserole (Hello?! How more kid-friendly can you get than Tator Tots!?!?!). My eldest wouldn't even touch it!! When I told him he would be eating it for lunch the next day, he stubbornly told me he wouldn't be hungry - Humph!! And then he added on, "and I won't be hungry for supper either!!".

Of course, I'm his momma. I know my little man. I simply made up a batch of pancakes for lunch......and Isaac promptly ate up his leftover casserole so he could have some pancakes. Then he told me how good it tasted.....*big ol' sigh*

And lastly.....
~my entry-way area~

Here's a great pictorial example of why I need a mud-room. I want a mudroom with cubbies or open lockers....or *something* to organize lots of coats, mittens, boots, bags, papers, etc.



Kenni B said...

If your Mom has Verizon, and you both add the "Unlimited IN" feature, you can talk to each other ALL DAY LONG and it won't cost either of you a single one of your monthly minutes. You wouldn't have to worry about going over.

*Michigan Momma* said...

ya, thanks - of course she doesn't.....or this would be so much easier....

Anonymous said...

Hey, we have the same kitchen island!!! LOL I noticed it in your picture of your entry way! If you haven't seen my tour of my home, you can see the island, I'm sure we have the same one, even though I can only see the very end of it! LOL Ours is minus the cool towel rack, we bought it off Craig's List & it didn't have it on there, but no biggie, our garbage & recycling are in the way of it anyway! LOL Anyway, here's the tour: