Wednesday, January 21, 2009


No pictures.

I have various pics to share here, but my computer won't upload anymore pics, so no sharing pics on the blog for a while. Bummer.

Another bummer - I just want to state, for the record, that in our country we should be allowed to express our disappointment or our disagreement with our elected officials - WITHOUT it being considered "pouting" or a "lack of trust in God".

I don't agree with Obama. Unless God changes his heart on many issues (which is my constant prayer), this isn't going to change just because he became our president.

Do I believe God knew Obama was going to be the president? Absolutely! Yet I also believe that God allows us free will. He lets us make decisions, cast our vote, etc. and then we must deal with the consequences - such as they may be. As a country, we may have some serious consequences to suffer through due to how we, as a country, voted.

And now? I believe we should be praying for our country, for our president, for his heart. My kids said, "Obama's a bad guy, right Momma?". I had to take a deep breath and begin talking about how we should be praying for our leaders. How he has made some bad decisions in the past and we should be praying for God to touch and change his heart. It's not easy, when I honestly *do* want to say, "YES, he's a bad guy!" (sorry, but I don't like him) - but that's not what I should be teaching my children. I wish our country had chosen differently. Yet regardless, my responsibility remains the same. Prayer for now. Involvement as possible. Love always.

So no, I'm not "pouting". I haven't lost my trust in the Lord. I simply disagree. In a country where each person's voice & opinion is meant to be heard, I will continue to disagree - even (especially) if it is against the current leader (popular though he may be).

What a bummer of a topic. I've got some much "brighter" things to share later......but my computer is "done" for now. Later, my friends~


Anonymous said...

Pouting or lack of trust in God is better than, oh so you're racist huh?

A "friend" actually said to me on Facebook, (after I commented on another friend's post) how can you dislike him, you don't know him! And that is was very unchristian to dislike him because I didn't agree w/certain issues.



Morgan said...

I agree- we definantly need to be praying for our country. I've seen people celebrating and excited over the new election (on the net at least), but I feel very uncertain about all of it. Good reminder to be praying for our president though and what will happen with the economy of our country.

Kenni B said...

Probably the same people that would bash Bush every chance they got.

Obama's making the exact same choices that took us into the great depression. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Oh definitely $Kenny. At my job (my area specifically) I'd say there it's half repubs, and half dems. There's actually a woman (who is black) who has an Obama shrine! EVERYTHING on her desk (ok most) is Obama!

She took off M-W. So I'm sure she'll have the front page of the newspaper from yesterday in which the President and First lady had the whole front and back page!!

I'll admit I did save the paper from yesterday. It IS history. Something to save for the kiddos. I also have the paper from the Challenger disaster, Columbia, and a few other monumental events. I didn't get the paper from the day AFTER the election. Which now the paper is selling for $30 lol.

I figure I could also sell it on ebay! If I ever desired too lol.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I don't like him, well, what he stands for, but I do pray for him and the future of our Country!