Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't ya always feel better...

Here I was, on day two of migraines, starting to go down the "pity-party" road.  Not a great time to be had by *anyone* around me, let me tell ya!

Instead, I lit some candles (because my head hurt too much for the bathroom light, not just to be all cozy and romantic or anything), and took a L O N  I shaved my legs (and I mean my legs, not just up to my knees like normal - come on?!?  Do you honestly shave your WHOLE leg each time?) and really conditioned my hair.  I did a face mask scrub.  I got out and gave myself a mini-pedicure:  scrubbed the bottoms of my feet, slathered them with this AWESOME lotion from Bath-n-Body.  You know, really pampered myself.  

I told myself I was doing it in preparation for this new baby.  Whenever I go into the hospital for a c-section, I can't help but remember how many people are there in the OR with me.  Naked. (well, mostly naked).  And how many times people are checking my legs out afterwards (for swelling, red marks, blood clots).  How many times the nurses look at my feet to see how swollen they are (usually pretty swollen from the meds).  I always feel the need to "spiff" things up a bit beforehand.  Which is a bit sad, seeing as how I should really feel the need to "spiff" myself up for my dh regularly anyways....

Well, I *used* to do all this on a regular basis ~ pre-many little kids, anyway.  

Today, I could hear them all playing and running and basically destroying the downstairs - and I was "just fine" with that!  Amazingly, that's true.  I was fine!  I realized halfway through my pedicure, that my head felt a lot better.  Less pressure.  Less pain.  PTL!!  

So now I have a half-destroyed house, but I feel much better.  Thank the Lord~

Here's my plans for the next 11 days:
*get my hair cut and highlighted (maybe??, not sure on the highlights...)
*make a trip to IKEA:  linens, pillows, misc. stuff
*get the bassinet from the garage and get it looking good
*go thru my lil' boy clothes and pick out my favorite outfit "just in case"
*make sure the house is up to par
*make sure the laundry is completely up to date
*make sure Selah has a good 6th birthday, even without a big ol' party

And lastly, the t.v. will be gone in 3 days.  That's right, as of March 1st, we will no longer have our DISH network.  No cable.  No rabbit ears or converter box.  No channels.  In preparation for this change, we have upped our Netflix subscription to 3 movies, promising the kids they will get one of those 3 specifically for "kid" movies.  Isaac is taking it all pretty hard, but he'll be fine.  He's the only one old enough to actually have a "weekly show" he enjoys and will miss (Star Wars: the Clone Wars - poor fella).  I don't feel too bad for him though ~ I think it's one of the smartest decisions we've made!!

So if I'm not around in the next three days, I'm probably getting in my last "t.v. fix" for a while.  And if my dh shows up at your home to watch sports (during football season at least), you'll know why.  Try to be compassionate.....poor fella......
;) ;) ;)


Dean B. said...

I put the clone wars movie on our netflix account today for Isaac too. Sports - hmmm maybe a reason to hit Buffalo Wild Wings when it opens???

Glad you are feeling better hon. Baby #5 is almost here...yes we are officially Quiver full Freaks.

(No offense intended to the rest of QF families.)


Anonymous said...

Lori! the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST pedicure tool I own (found it last Summer) is the Ped Egg! Yes, the one from tv. lol But I bought mine at Rite-Aid, I saw it at CVS too, and Bed Bath, and Beyond. You will NEVER go back to whatever you are using now. it's AWESOMEEEE. And now I see they make it w/a handle lol.

Oh, and no I don't shave my whole leg, I wax them lol. Everything waste on down, and my underarms. Best thing in the world! No worries about trying to shave everyday, and no red bumps!

Funny, I just bought St Ives Apricot scrub because my normally oily face is now dry! Ick.

Have fun... and enjoy the remaining few days of tv. I know our cable co has a $10 thing for 13 channels. You'll get all the local channels plus some. So I don't know if it's about money or not, might be cheaper than NetFlix.


Jess said...

Doing without TV is the best thing you can do. We have now been 7 years without any TV programs. I allow my children to watch certain movies or shows via DVD. So I really do get to pick and choose what they are watching. I get great DVDs for them like Little Bear (they love it), Mickey Mouse Club House and so on, plus we have tons of Thomas the Trains (my boys love that). I don't worry about bad commercials or them flipping thru the channels and seeing something they shouldn't. I really don't miss it either, I get what I want on DVD.

So I say great to you and your family about turning the switch on TV. I hope it works out for you.

Anonymous said...


When Jeff is home there is ALWAYS something with a ball involved on television...we have plenty of room on the couch. : )

(sorry Lori).

Can't wait to see how it all goes! I know that Jeff would not do without sports on TV. You have a wonderful husband there Lori! (I do too....just one who is addicted to sports center).