Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a sniffer gone bad...

How do you deal with sinus infections?  How to you avoid becoming stuffed up to begin with?  I seem to deal with this problem often, and I'm not sure how to avoid it in the first place?!?!

Any essential oils known for dealing with sinuses?  Any particular foods that help with sinuses?  

These sinus problems lead to many of my headaches.........which are awful and require me to take Excedrin.  I know being preggo increases mucus and such, which can lead to stuffed sinuses.  Yet there has to be a preventative plan, right?!

As far as I know, there's no problem "internally" - does that make sense?  Like, I don't have a deviated septum (sp?) or any weird inner nose/sinus issues.  I just get stuffy often, and it leads to very painful headaches.  ugh.

So help a sister out, will ya??

p.s.  I should add, I am a "window opener".  I will open the windows regardless of the weather, as I just can't stand that "stuffy-house" feeling.  So I'm guessing it's not that....hmmmmmm??


Holly said...

Hi Lori! Lemon/eucalyptus is a good one for sinuses. Put a drop on your temples or the bridge of your nose. My husband puts peppermint oil on the inside of his is a bit strong, but.....desperate people do desperate things. :)

So excited for you - not much longer! :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a little tonic for you:

1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp of local honey
8oz of water

This will help w/allergies, and hopefully clear up your sinuses.

Also, you can take Benadryl, it'll help dry you out. I notice if I take one I'm not as drowsy. And then at night take 2.

Is Excedrin ok? It does have asprin in it

Anonymous said...

I like to use the Neil Med Sinus Irrigation System to flush out sinus congerstion. It really cleans everything out and takes care of that awful pressure. You can get the squirt bottle and solution packets at Wal-Mart and drugstores. I make my own solution with salt, baking soda and warm water.


Kim H.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I do so feel for you Lori, I mean having a sinus headache and being pregnant, looks like you get the whole nine yards and then some. lol I have problems too with sinus headaches. I always use the rice in the sock deal where you heat it up in the micro. I think you you had mention using something like this before. That is what I use. Sometimes it actually will help to take away the headache and sometimes it just gives great relief until those stubborn things just leave my body. Also, just recently I got a neti pot from walgreens and it seems to work pretty well after a few rounds of that. Then of course whatever you use for headache medication.
Well, that's it I hope this helps maybe a little for next time, maybe if you combine all our helpful hints that would be a good thing.

Please take care of yourself, and glad you had a little pampering. If I shaved my legs up past the knee every time my husband would think he was being pampered. Past the knee everytime how do you do that? lol

Many blessing to you and your family


Holly said...

Benadryl will make you sleepy! It will make the baby sleepy too... so if you end up taking some remember that you might feel decreased fetal movement. (Not saying it will harm the baby - just expect him/her to be sleepy!)

Excedrin has caffeine and aspirin. Not good....

*Michigan Momma* said...

Yes, I know about the excedrin and it's negative effects, especially this close to the birth. My OB was/is against preggo women using it ~ it's just that we couldn't find ANYTHING that was helping me and I was in *such* pain. I finally gave in, after maybe 3 or 4 days of pain, and admitted to her that I took some excedrin for relief.

Thankfully, she did NOT yell at me and instead told me to take it (as infrequently as possible) as the negative effects of the drug were comparable to the negative effects of such pain and how it was effecting me *and* the baby. (this was about half-way thru the pregnancy - being so close to the birth means I don't want to take aspirin for ANY reason, blood thinning issues and all).

All of this to say......this is why I need to find a more "natural" way of dealing with my sinus issues and these migraines. Excedrin has been my only solution thus far (including trying prescription meds for migraines) and I don't want to be so dependent on it! Especially with it's risks while preggo (has to do with the premature closure of a heart valve....very the blood thinning effect of aspirin on a surgery patient....again, not good).

But thanks everyone, for your concern and info. Seeing as how I've been preggo every few years and how awful this pain is, there *has* to be a better solution~