Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now you see me...

Now you don't!

Yes, it's been quite the weekend. I asked my dh the other day, as we were once again passing each other coming and going, "are we just more busy than normal??". Yes, we definitely are!

And yet, each day seems to be getting longer for me.....I'm not sure how that's possible?! According to the u/s tech, this baby is bigger than any of my other babies (although still not huge), so I'm wondering if my body is just tired of carrying this "little" one around - HA!

Anyway ~
My mil and other various relatives are headed up tomorrow for a quick visit - they are even timing it so my wonderful dh can *finally* make it to one of my OB appointments! Yes, this will be the first OB appointment he has made - it just seems to get harder to plan those things with each added little blessing. Oh well, I'm just happy we can head out tomorrow, just the two of us, for a little bit!

Then Friday & Saturday my dh is speaking at his last Children's Ministry conference before this baby arrives. It's just two days, but I'll miss him anyways....;) The rest of his commitments are all local stuff, in-house. I'm gonna have to just get used to this, as he will probably be speaking more and more each year (that's the plan, anyways). Luckily, the babies grow each year.......sometimes it's hard to remember they won't always need me for EVERYTHING! Before you know it, I'll miss these days, so I'm trying to stay "in the moment" and love on them whenever and however I can. I'm not always successful, but I'm working on it~

Then next week, we're planning on a final trip to IKEA before the baby comes. Does anyone else go to IKEA!??! We love it! This will be our first trip ALONE ~ since we've had some offers from friends to watch our little ones. We will be looking for: a crib, a mattress, various linens, floor lamps, pillows, and little things that always catch our eye (like meatballs and Swedish sauce, yum!).

School around here is going great! We just started co-schooling with some friends on Mondays ~ we are using the KONOS units as a starting point. Isaac is actually excited about writing sentances (basically notebook pages to document what we have been learning about) and Selah is just excited to have her friend coming over!!

Today I also ordered our new Math curriculum: LIFEPAC 1st grade Math. In looking through it, I'm guessing we'll be able to breeze through most of it, but I didn't want to miss anything important, so I didn't want to skip 1st grade yet.

Oh, and we've started copywork. Probably not as diligently as we should, but we're hitting it here and there ~ mostly with our vocab words. I can see how we can work this in with grammar: capital letters, nouns/verbs, all that jazz.

I also ordered some "new baby/hospital" stuff today as well. You know - nursing bras, nightgown/robe, that kind of thing. I thought my dh would freak out, but he's planned all this fairly well (actually, the Lord has timed all this really well), so our tax return $$ came at *just* the right time for all this "stuff". PTL!!

Did anyone else watch the Duggar's recently on TLC? Where they went on a missions trip? It had all these "pop-ups" talking about "the average American family" and how we compare to most of the rest of the world. It was *sad*. Such as, American's (on average) spend as much a year on GARBAGE BAGS as these people EARN a year. EARN. Garbage bags. ugh.

In the bathroom (you know, where the *important* reading happens!) I'm still working my way through Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow - EXCELLENT! It has been *exactly* what I needed, each and every day. How does the Lord do that?!! Amazing!

I am also on chapter two of our small group study of James (with commentary). I'm enjoying how it's all laid out, the questions, and how indepth it is. Again, it is *exactly* what I need to be reading, to be hearing from the Lord. Amazing.

We are in the process of switching over to a new computer - so I might be hit or miss until next week. I have some pics to share, but I'm not going to upload them to this old computer - I'll just wait until the new one is in place.

I also believe our hospital has Wi-Fi in the rooms, so we'll be able to post some pics and keep up with communication while we are "vacationing" there for a few days. Yes, 'cause to be without internet for a few days......wait....can't.....breathe..... ;) ;) ;) ha~

And we are losing the DISH network at the end of this month. Can you believe it??!?! Sometimes I still can't. I do believe it's what we need right now, but it is *so* opposite of "normal" around here, it's still weird.... We'll see.

It's just the end of winter..........blech. Luckily, my nesting is kicking in so I'm cleaning and organizing. Yesterday was the fridge (thank goodness I have babies every few years - yes, my fridge was *that* bad). Whew....I'll be glad to teach that particular chore to a child soon. Yuck~

Hope you are doing good through these last weeks of winter ~ can you believe we'll be talking about planting a garden soon? Well, maybe not a "garden".........maybe a red pepper plant or two. Maybe. ;)


Kenni B said...

I've found an incredibly easy way to keep the fridge clean. I don't put anything in it!

I know....I'm such a bachelor.

Anonymous said...

No Ikea around here. Closet one is in Maryland. (in PA here) So glad we aren't the only ones who don't go to Babies R Us and spend an OUTRAGEOUS amount on baby furniture! I think we bought all our baby furniture thru JcPenny's (including a sleigh crib, and dresser) for what just a crib alone would cost at Babies R us! Then bought our bedding a the Company Store, AGAIN, cheaper than babies R us, and we know the CS is not that cheap!

And I always felt that I don't want the nursery to look like everyone elses!

Anyways glad you are aok!! I was wondering what happened to you!