Thursday, February 19, 2009

How BIG?!?

I got into the car the other day, to drive to church.  I slid (squeezed....whatever) behind the steering wheel, glanced down then over at my dh, about to make some comment about how he needs to stop moving the seat forward when he drives the van.

Until I remembered that part of our van broke a long time ago - you *can't* move the seat forward.

Nope, it was just my big ol' belly is HUGE!!

Maybe my due date was wrong??  I doubt it, but maybe.
Alright "little" one, I'm ready to meet you~


My Life With Boys said...

Lol! That'll be me soon! I remember with my other pregnancies that I couldn't fit in booths when we went out to eat- we always asked for a table. I'm getting closer to that stage. Not looking forward to it but yet, it's pretty much inevitable.

About the baby bag- I'll send you an e-mail sometime soon after your baby is born. I also got a new computer but fortunately I didn't loose any e-mails or anything. I still have to transfer pictures over to this computer from not one but 'two' computers. Hmmm...that should be fun!I think I have several thousand between the two- I hope I can get them all!

Anyway, take care- you'r getting so close!!! Time has really flown by!

Vix said...

There comes a time in every pregnancy where I can just no longer drive... for the same reasons... Mainly because baby will kick the steering wheel and it hurts. Once I went to a Braums in Oklahoma with my husband and some friends and we sat in a Booth.. Well I pregnant with Natalie at the time and she turned while we were sitting there and i got stuck!!!! I had to twist and bend and slide very uncomfortably out of the booth. We never sit in booths in the last trimester now... LOL!!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Ahhh, yes, table seating whenever I'm preggo is a must! No question about it.

Glad I'm not the only one who has to tilt the steering wheel up a few notches during these last weeks....

sticker said...