Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our new math~

Well, our first math, really. We've just done free on-line stuff or from workbooks we bought here and there. I was a bit frustrated for a while - I *wanted* a set math curriculum, but we just didn't have the money at the time. Now I think I may know why God was holding us back...

I've not been homeschooling all that long (I mean, since the birth of my children, yes - but not "officially"). As time progresses, I'm just beginning to get an idea of what hs'ing many children *may* be like. Due to this, I continue to seach out different curriculums - without freaking out or buying a ga-gillion different ones. I've found this "computer-based" curriculum that I'm thinking of trying a few years down the road. Switched on Schoolhouse by AOP (same publishers as our current curriculum The Weaver).

So now comes the time when we are ready to purchase the kids' math curriculum. What do I do?? I want to get something that will seamlessly (as much as possible) transition into SOS when/if we go that route. Yet I couldn't find much info on what families used BEFORE starting SOS math. I was more than a little frustrated...

Then tonight, I found the golden ticket! I read a bit more about LIFEPACs, also from AOP (are you getting the idea I like them yet?!). Apparently, LIFEPACs are basically the *same thing* as SOS, just in workbook/textbook/paper form instead of on the computer. The *same thing*! And LIFEPACs start with Kindergarten!

Our tax money will be here in a few days, and LIFEPACs 1st grade math set will be arriving shortly thereafter! I'm getting both Isaac & Selah the 1st grade pacs, yet I'm going to let them progress at their own pace - that way I'll get a better idea of where they each are. Besides keeping them both "on track and focused", I'll let them work at their own speed - if one of them finishes quickly, we'll just go to the next grade (regardless of where we might be in the calendar year). We plan on schooling year round anyways.

Okay, just wanted to share ~ someONE might be interested, I'm just excited about actually finding what (I think) is a good fit after all this searching!! Hurray~

p.s. We were going to go with Math-U-See. It has been described to us as "very different from traditional math" - which is one of it's best selling points, actually. Yet due to our possible future plans, we needed to find a math curriculum that was going to "match up" - not be completely different. So while I still think Math-U-See is a great choice - it just doesn't seem to work with our current plans.

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