Wednesday, February 11, 2009

another day, another organization project

Isn't that the way things go around *your* house??

I have so many things, on so many lists, it's getting a bit ridiculous (yet I'm smiling as I type this - I *love* lists!). I have a "tax return money" list, a grocery list, a house-project list, a menu planning list, a library list, a homeschooling idea list.................the list goes on and on.

Today, we've been through the kids' books: finding all our "lost" church library books and locating a new "home" for them upstairs, throwing away ripped & broken books that were beyond repair and repairing those we dearly wanted to save. One project down~

Tomorrow, we'll attack the girls' room: the plastic kitchen needs to go (broken in many places, not used enough to be taking up so much room) and we will be replacing it with some type of toy storage. We need the space in their closet (where the toys are currently stored) in the event this lil' wee one is another girl. Not to mention our current system simply isn't working. No one (including me and *definitely* including the girls) can keep things organized or even picked up! Another project will be checked off~

And lastly (this week), I'll really get into the boys' room. The toys need to be gone through (tossed, fixed, reorganized), the closet needs to be reorganized (with new bins) and I need a new plan *if* this lil' one turns out to be a boy!

Luckily, I really get excited about reorganizational projects! Yes, I do - weird, I know ;)

I wonder if this is "nesting"??

So what lists are you working your way through?

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