Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Never before....

I've never been this tired before and still completely happy and content at the same time!

It's amazing~

**just printing off some homemade thank you cards, eating a few homemade cookies (thanks Jeni & Roz) and watching my new lil' one sleep.  Thankfully, my husband and MIL are terrific and I've still been getting plenty of rest......did I mention my MIL is like the QUEEN of laundry?  I thought *I* was.... but no...... she is a machine!  A wonderful blessing of a laundry machine!!

**btw, I was told we are "cheating" because we haven't really had to deal with all five children at once by ourselves yet.  We have had lots of help since the birth:  my mother, my mil, various friends who have watched our children (even overnight - even 2 nights!).  My mother even took sweet Selah home with her on the train for a visit this week, so I am down one child there as well (I *do* keep feeling as though I'm forgetting something though and I keep counting my kids wondering who is missing....ha!)

Yet I wouldn't consider this "cheating" - I would consider it SMART!!  Planning ahead and easing into a new "reality" of five little blessings.  I feel great, the family seems happy and we all think Micah is a joy!  PRAISE THE LORD!!

Gotta check the printer...
Hope you are all enjoying life~


Tereza said...

He is a very beautiful baby!!

Jeni said...

Oh my word he's SO adorable....Macy and I were hoping to get our hands on him yesterday! haha sorry I missed you, hope dinner was good! not sure how "kid" friendly it was but gotta try to please the masses! ha Hope all is well and take it easy!! Jeni

*Michigan Momma* said...

I know, and I was hoping to let you see you today at Bible Study, but I just didn't get up in time. Dean thought I would rather rest, so he didn't wake me up either. Oh well.... I'll make sure to bring him on Wednesday night, 'kay?!? He *is* a sweetie~

Thank you so much for the meal - it was great! I went into the fridge for another sandwich today at lunchtime, and they were ALL GONE! So apparently, they were well received by EVERYONE around here - good job!

And I'm amazed at how fascinated the elementary kids are with Micah. When I brought him upstairs on Sunday, before we sang "Trading Our Sorrows" in Venue, the kids just *huddled* around me, trying to see him and touch him and ooooh & aaaahhh over him. I just love it when older kids love babies!! Tell Macy she can hold him anytime she wants!

Thanks again~

p.s. Tereza....I agree! ;);)

Anneatheart said...

Cheating? Um, sorry, but c-sections are soooo completely different than a normal delivery.

Less than two weeks after mine is born, my oldest two will be going to school, so I won't have all 4 of mine for long by myself if at all! Well, for a few hours between getting home from school and when Daddy gets home.

I say whatever to whoever said you were cheating. Take all the help you can get for as long as possible!!

Morgan said...

He's cute! I'm impressed that you're working on thank you cards already!!!

How did your c-section go? Did you have any problems? Did the doctor say everything is fine to have more kiddos? Was the surgery or recovery any harder this time?

Anonymous said...

Having help is ssssooooo NOT cheating! It is very very smart. When my fifth was born my sister in law came and made me rest. She took care of everything (all 4 of the "big" kids - ages 4 and under!) while I recovered. It was the best recovery, because I actually had time to heal before jumping back into life. With a pastor husband as well it's not like we had him home for extended weeks to help. I say good for you for accepting help. Keep it up! He's a cutie, by the way!

Bethgem said...

He's so beautiful!