Saturday, March 14, 2009

One of these days...

I just can't seem to work up any motivation to get on-line.

Not to check my email, my facebook, my Beautiful Womanhood board, not even my very own blog (nor my fabulous friends' blogs).  I'm just not interested.

All that interests me at this moment are my babies.  Such sweet babies.

Micah is a joy ~ I am truly enjoying every single moment of holding him, nursing him, kissing him, yes even changing his ever-changing poopy diapers!  He looks amazingly like Dean to me (and most other people) and I just can't stop touching and loving on him~

My other babies are so sweet ~ each in their own way ~ with new lil' Micah.  

I do believe Elijah now considers himself to be one of the "big kids", which he thinks is FANTASTIC!  He is also very snuggly and huggy with me - running over to hug me every few minutes, then running back to play - as if to just keep tabs on me, making sure I'm still here and still available to him.

Talitha thinks it's great that she is now the BIG SISTER to 2 lil' brothers.  It's just 2 more people that she is "in charge of" rather than them being in charge of her (at least in her 3yo brain).  She is VERY talkative as of late and I just *adore* some of the sweet things that come out of her mouth!!

Selah is very much a lil' mother's-helper!  She wants to help in *any* way possible (except those diapers!) and even spends her "playtime" up in our room, watching me nurse the baby, or change his diaper, or even just holding him.  She is fascinated with "momma's milk" and Micah's ability to "suck that milk right outta there!".  Yup, that's fascinating dear...  She also took one look at my incision and said, "Momma, they put *staples* in your body!?!".  Yes, they did.  But I didn't feel a thing (still don't, btw, things are fairly numb down there after 5 times of being cut in the same place - duh.)

Isaac is....well...he's always been a terrific big brother!  And now he has TWO lil' brothers, which is apparently a great joy to him.  He was enjoying his moment "in the spotlight" at church tonight.  Actually, Micah was more in the spotlight I'm guessing, but Isaac thought for SURE people were impressed with his "Big Brother" status, and the fact that I am *his* Momma too!  With so many children wanting to touch Micah (my dh is the Children's Pastor), we implemented a "no touching" rule (at least for tonight).  Isaac made sure to stand right next to Micah, saying, "uh...excuse touching, please" if anyone got just a bit too close for his comfort.  Sweet, protective, big brother Isaac.....

So anyway, that's what's happening around here.  My mother, who has been here all week, is leaving on the EARLY train with Selah tomorrow (it's Selah's turn to be spoiled all week by Mema & Papa - such fun!).  I sure am going to miss that extra set of hands here and there - you know, just when you need to change a diaper, get a sippy cup of milk, the baby begins crying for you and your pain meds decide to stop working 2 hours before you can take another pill.....ya, especially those times....*sigh*

There's lots more to talk about 
(I went to a few second hand stores with my mom after the birth and got a few great finds!!), 
lots of people who need to be thanked 
(I'm not going to have to make an actual meal for weeks!), 
lots of pictures to be oooohhed and aaahhhed over 
(seriously, how can God take a bit of me and a bit of Dean and make 5 such beautiful, amazing, sweet individual blessings??!?!  I am in awe.)

I have also not wrapped my brain around how I am going to manage 5 lil' babies, a home, a hubby, homeschooling, directing the kid's choir (plus just being there with Dean in so many other Children's Ministry areas), meals, laundry, staying organized, being consistant with behavior issues.................ACK, you name it!?!?!

Yet, I wasn't sure how to handle four when Elijah came along, and yet we managed (and dare I say, thrived - after a time).  If I look at that list (and all the stuff I *didn't* type) - right now - I'm ready to start hypervenilating....  'Cause that's just not how God works, eh?  

He doesn't give me the skills and patience and abilities and confidence and energy to tackle all that stuff before I need to.  He'll give me EXACTLY what I need, EXACTLY when I need it.  So if I'm overhwhelmed, it's probably because *I* am taking on too much, not keeping my focus in check, not asking God where He would have me spend my time.  'Cause once I'm lined up with HIS will, He will provide a way.  He will provide the time.  He will provide the patience, the love, even the organizational abilities needed to keep me sane and keep our home running as HE would have it (not necessarily as *I* would have it).

Please Lord, YOUR will be done, not my *idea* of what is needed, what is essential, what is important and *has* to be done.  No, Lord, not me.  If I'm learning *anything* with each new blessing, it is how very little I know and how awesome our God is!!

Time to go grab a quick bite to eat (which I feel like I'm doing 24/7 lately), then love on my baby in the quiet hours of the night.  This is honestly the first time I'm enjoying these late nights.  I haven't hit "reality" yet (we aren't homeschooling right now, I'm not having to make meals, I have help practically around the clock, and I'm still taking pain meds), yet I also am not trying to "rush things" this time.  Micah will eventually get on a schedule that works with our family.  But for now, I'm enjoying our "non-schedule" and all this cuddly-time.  I'll get to the schedule soon enough - you know me, I love my schedules - but not yet, not quite yet please.....

So.......I'll be back.  Someday.  In the meantime, please praise God with me for all His wonderful blessings!!  I am blown away by what He has done in our lives.  Thank you God, thank you!!


Tereza said...

you are so right that he will provide everything we need if we line up with his will!!! I need to remember that!!
Can't wait to see the pictures:)

Janet said...

Love the pictures of Micah Dean. Take one day/hour at a time dear Lori! Love you all.