Friday, April 3, 2009

Around the home (w/ a newborn)

~the real reason I couldn't stay on the low-carb/sugars diet:  my dh brought home doughnuts!~

~a recent find (after Micah was born) at a second-hand kid's shop:  LOVE IT!!~

~another 2nd-hand find (about $50 new / $25 second-hand):  
and a gift from my folks!  Thanks!!~

~a pic of that "scrap-blankie" I crocheted up before Micah arrived - 
also looks great here in my front room sitting area!~

~the square shape of this blankie also works well for 
wrapping up lil' Micah like a "baby burrito"~

~our sweet baby cradle......okay, okay.....I admit sleeps in our king-size bed most of the time.  I'm working on it........slowly (I'm enjoying my sleep WAAAAAY too much at this point!)~

~here's my 0-3 month boy clothes bin:  
I still don't have an idea for how to organize 3 boys' clothes in the boy's room closet~

~so for now I made up some "dividers" and I'm just using the actual bin to hold the clothes.  
It works fine, for now, since he's so little~

My Basket-of-Necessity!
~Here's my basket of vitamins/supplements, meds, essential oils, even my stevia packets are in there!  I go to this basket first thing in the mornings~

And that's just a quick view of the home since lil' Micah arrived~

p.s.  I went to the store for the first time BY MYSELF with FIVE little kids ~ and I survived.  It wasn't that bad....I'll talk more about some people's reactions later....I'm lovin' my life!! ~L.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would have seriously would have hurt my hubby if he brought home donuts knowing I REALLY shouldn't have them.

Well... truthfully he would have had to bring home chocolate ones... others I could leave and not even blink.

I guess it's a good thing when you aren't realllly into sweets. I never really had a sweet tooth.

We have one of those toy bins too! LOVE them. We have about 4 set up in the playroom.