Friday, April 3, 2009

Life with Many Small Children: Use Your Servants!

Yes, we all have servants in our home!

One of my favorites is the dishwasher. I seriously hate to do dishes - just ask...well, anyone who knows me fairly well! Yet with this many small children, dishes are a fact of life.

Thankfully, our rental (the church parsonage) has a terrific new dishwasher. The last one "died" not that long ago and the church (quickly - PTL!) replaced it with a nice, shiny, new model!

Of course I use my dishwasher for washing dishes - duh! - yet I try to "think outside the box" and use it for other cleaning jobs. This saves me TIME (a *valuable* commodity around here) and energy. Here's some ideas you may not have thought of:

I throw the small baking rack and dish from this toaster-oven in the dishwasher.  The toaster oven is used and fairly old, but it works - and is much cleaner now!

I know you're not supposed to put wooden spoons in the dishwasher, but I always do.  I've had this set of wooden spoons for years (they were cheap) and they've always been cleaned in the dishwasher.  
They may be a bit warped after a while, but hey....that's called character, right?!?  *wink*

The knobs on the front of the stove - especially after frying up some bacon or browning hamburger.....they just get gross.

I toss in my microwave oven's turn-table plate in the dishwasher every so often.  I wipe out my microwave often (I *hate* gross microwaves....they'!), but a run through the dishwasher just makes it feel cleaner~

How about this one?  The globes on your ceiling fan lights!  My ceiling fans were pretty dusty and gross in the kitchen (and the light globes in the bathroom).  I just put the globes on the top rack (carefully and away from anything else that might break them during the cycle) and they come out shiny and wonderfully clean!  Ahhhhhhhhh...... ;)

Some other ideas:
*I toss binkies in the utensil compartment (they get much cleaner this way than if I just clean them by hand - although I do have to check them more often for wearing-out, obviously)

*Scrubby-sponges get thrown in the dishwasher occasionally.

*When I clean out my fridge (ya, 'cause that happens *SOOOO* often around here - NOT!!), I put whatever pieces I can fit into my dishwasher.  While that cycle is running, I clean out the rest by hand - saves me time and always looks better than if I did the whole thing by hand.

*Certain baby/kid toys can take a run through the dishwasher here and there - so much drooling.......ick.

*The tub-toys.  They just sit there, in the tub-toy-catch-all, and I'm afraid they're getting all moldly and yucky.  So I run 'em through a cycle here and there.  Just makes me feel better, I guess, and that's okay!!

I can't think of anymore off the top of my head.  Anyone else have some other ideas?  Please share.  I don't do most of these things OFTEN nor on a regular basis - just here and there, as I think of it, as I find the time (ha!).  

Whoo-hoo!!  I love this particular servant of mine!

p.s.  Here's a new breakfast meal idea!  This is called Omlette Spiral (or something like that).  It's an egg-milk-cream cheese mixture - baked - then topped with whatever omlette fixin's you want (show here:  sausage, onion, peppers & cheese).  With a side of toast, it's a yummy "pretty-looking" meal - for company or just your loved ones!!
[I was just so happy with how it turned out, I *had* to share!] ~Lori


Jeni said...

I ADORE my dishwasher....haha I know it takes up alot of wasted space but I put my crock pot in the dishwasher. I'm sure there are others out there that do not like to wash the crock pot and if it gives me 15 extra minutes of happiness then it's worth it! I have never tried fish in the dishwasher HAHA why do people do that in the movies?? perhaps some people really do that! ha The egg spiral looks DIVINE!! yum

Kelly said...

I run all sorts of household items through the dishwasher, too.

I remember reading that you aren't supposed to put sponges in there for some hygenic reason, but I forget exactly why. I think they absorb the dirty water, but don't get spun out like in a washer??

Anonymous said...

I just don't use sponges... ick they're just a host of germs and mold! A rag does a heck of a better job and IS washable!