Monday, April 6, 2009

the sky is falling!!



You just *know* this isn't going to be good.....

After a crazy, yet rewarding day of baking, bathing, schooling, laundering, reading and loving - I was simply trying to spend some time nursing and cuddling with my new baby Micah.  Silly me~

Isaac comes running up the steps.  I was straining to hear any possible crying that would indicate an actual *injury* and not just a mess.  No cries, just yelling.  Isaac runs in and breathlessly cries "My ceiling fell down!"  (the boys' room is downstairs - w/ a drop ceiling)


"Well, not my *whole* ceiling (whew...).  Just four pieces (what?!)"

And how exactly did four pieces of your ceiling fall down, Isaac?

"I don't know"  said so innocently - ya right!!  "Well, ACTUALLY, someone slammed the door and they just fell down".

Who slammed the door?

"Elijah" said without hesitation - 'cause he is only 2yo and still unable to defend himself, the perfect scapegoat.  I highly doubt Elijah was able to slam the door with the necessary force to knock down the ceiling.....but, whatever....

Ok, fine.  Just get everyone out of the room, turn off the light and close the door.  We'll wait until your father gets home and can take a look at it.  Isaac runs off.

I then hear more little feet running up the stairs, across the kitchen floor, towards my room (I'm still attempting to nurse the baby).


Yes, little ones.  (Talitha 3yog & Elijah 2yob)

Momma, the roof fell down!!  The roof fell down!!

so sweet....;)

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Tereza said...

They do and say such funny things:)