Monday, May 4, 2009


~Lovely bouquet~

The other day, a sweet lil' old lady arrived at my home.  She presented me with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers for my working with the kid's choir (her granddaughter is in the choir).  I don't honestly believe I should be getting flowers, but that's another blog...

So anyways, yes, they are beautiful!  The got even more beautiful over the next few days as the buds opened.

Yet they simply could not compare to the simplicity of yellow tulips, pulled up with the skilled hands of a 2yob wanting to bring his momma some flowers.

~True Love~

(and yes, I *think* they were from our own yard...)

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Tereza said...

I love getting flowers but even more so form 2 year olds(or 4 year olds in my case...though 2 year old is starting to catch on!:)