Monday, May 4, 2009

down by the river...

Today, the kiddos and I went down by the river.  

(That's not *quite* as country as that sounds, seeing as how it's the St. Clair River (Claire?) between MI & Canada - not some lil' ol' creek in the backyard)

I love this blue river area ~ it's just so pretty.  We first went walking on the boardwalk (after extensive "training" at home on how to obey me when walking along the river - 'cause that's all I need, right?! is a child to fall into the freezing cold river, goodness!), then visited with some volunteers on the lightship, then headed over to a local park.  All went well there, except for Elijah and the monkeys....

Ya see, there were four swings together, so all my older kids were swinging.  Elijah (2yob) was doing great!  I went to swing him again (not too high, Mema, not too high) when all of a sudden he yells out "MONKEYS" and promptly falls backwards off the swing.

It was actually two black squirrels, which we have in abundance around here, running through the park.  I have no idea why Elijah called them monkeys - although he does have maybe 6 stuffed monkeys that he sleeps with on occasion.......the boy just likes monkeys.

After that fiasco (which was fun, except for the falling-monkey incident), we strolled around the boardwalk/park area, looking at all the memorials they have erected.  Most of them were for soldiers that died in war times.  I did my best to explain about war and soldiers (in language they could handle) and why we should respect and honor these people.  I'm not sure they completely caught on, but it was a start.

I definitely see many more days "down by the river"....


Jeni said...

Ok Lori I have MUCH to say about this blog entry....first of all I've lived here for 40+ yrs. and still have not taken my kids to those soldiers rocks and monuments or EVAH had such an educational trip to the River (accept for the SAME speech about walking by the river!)
But I had to ROAR OUTLOUD over Elijah saying "monkeys" when he saw squirrels THAT is the funniest thing I've heard all day, it's just so sweet and cute and sad at the same time cuz he was afraid!
sweet!!! thanks for sharing...I think a trip to River is in order for the Wurmlinger family THIS weekend! thanks for the!

Tereza said...

Lori your family is beautiful! And I loved you time by the river!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Tereza ~ you are so sweet! I've been enjoying all the pics at your blog too....I love seeing how you do what you do!
I love your new header!

Anonymous said...

Lori, Just read this post now. I did say I laughed at the monkey thing so excited at seeing the animals....oh sorry he fell though.... : (

Anyhow, had fun today....Anne's favorite part of school today her words....everything!


Vicki said...

Okay Lori.. How do I go out with 5 kids!! Im scared to death to do it and Lily is 4 months old now. I am forcing myself to do it this friday... Pray for me! Yes, I havent gone ANYWHERE alone since Christmas....with the kids anyway... *fear and trembling*

*Michigan Momma* said...

You can do it, girl ~ just grab the double stroller, stock up on the chocolate (for yourself, not the kids!), and go for it!

Let us know how it goes~