Sunday, May 24, 2009

Speed Queen?

Hello fellow bloggers~

Ever since we found out we would be purchasing a new home, I have been thinking about my new washer & dryer.  My dh told me we could get a new set when we bought a house.  So I've been researching all the major brands, trying to find the best deal, the best quality, for our situation/needs/finances.

Yet it seemed all the major brands had very mixed reviews.  I was thinking about a front loading machine, 'cause they are 'the latest thing' and so they *must* be the best, right?!  Not necessarily, so learns I....

Just recently, my wonderful dh stopped in a small, local appliance store and began talking with a sales lady about our situation.  She told him that the lower priced front loaders (mind you, by lower price, we're still talking at least $1200.00 - not exactly chump-change!) would simply wear out on us too quickly, especially with how much use ours would get.  great.

Since we can't afford the *really* expensive front loaders (over $2000), she instead recommended a brand called Speed Queen.  Ever heard of them?  Nope, me neither.  Yet she gave GLOWING reports, talking about how long they lasted, what a great warranty they came with, how big they are and how well they clean.

So I got on-line to check 'em out.  Sure enough, glowing reports!  I couldn't find ONE negative review.  So it's not front-loading.....who cares?!?  We have a well, so we don't pay for water.  The cycle is faster than a front-loader, so we'll pay less for electricity.  Yes, the dryer cycle will be a bit longer, but the reviews on the dryer are fabulous as well.  I'm thinking we'll be in good shape~

SO ANYWAY......has anyone heard of this brand?  What do you have to say about it?  Does anyone currently own one?  What can you tell me about it?  I'm actually *looking* for some negative reviews, I can't find any!!

Either way, I'm gonna have a new washer & dryer....... in our new home.......... in our new family laundry room!!  


Carol said...


I wrote a reply to your question on the BW board. I didn't see your posting here, until now. :)

Being on a well, and knowing what your septic situation is, should help drive your decision. Top loading machines use WAY more water, which is harder on the septic system, vs. front loading machines.

More water in the septic system, with all the chemicals and such, can cost you way more money in the end.

After you read what I wrote at BW, feel free to ask me questions. We have been there, done that. ;)


Anonymous said...

Never heard of them. We have front load washers... i'd never go back to top load washers!

Like any appliance, it's an investment. we keep washers eons! At least 10-15 yrs, and I use them everyday!


Henley said...

I can honestly say I would do ANYTHING to keep my front loaders! I will never go back - ever - to top loaders! Think carefully before you make a decision!

marlene said...

ok, I think I should say something here. Speed Queen is an older tried and true brand with a strong reputation. I cant help you with top versus front loader types. I do know that Sears/Whirpool have most always been in the top on
consumer reports as a best buy. Paul can look it up for you if you want. Good luck s

*Michigan Momma* said...

Thanks everyone, I am still debating. We honestly can't afford the high-quality front loaders - they are over $1000.00 just for ONE unit, not both. We can't afford that. So we might be able to afford a lower end model, but what are we giving up? Will it vibrate all over the floor? My folks will be living below us, I don't want them living with a jackhammer above their heads!

The top loader looks great - great quality, great reviews, great price - yet it uses more water, which is tougher on a septic system. I understand that. Yet what am I supposed to do?

Our laundry room is on the main floor, over a (soon to be) finished, walk-out basement. So it's basically like on a second floor. That limits what type of front loader we can buy as well.

If we *do* go with a front loader, it's going to have to have one HECK of a return policy. If it vibrates the floor too violently....well, I just won't do that to my folks (or my new house).

Ugh....decisions.....this is supposed to be FUN!!

*Michigan Momma* said...

And yes, Marlene, I have been checking the consumer reports. If we *do* go with a front-loader, it will be a Whirlpool Duet Sport - which is what we can afford, plus it is marketed for second floor laundry rooms, due to it's better anti-vibration technology.

Yet the lady told Dean that while it's a good machine, it *will* wear out on us sooner, cause it's simply not top-of-the-line (read: super expensive!). So it's either lower-end, wear out sooner, front loader (and pray it doesn't shake us to tim-buck-too!) OR more reliable, Speed Queen, top loader that will use much more water and put a greater strain on our septic system (which could ultimately cost us in the end).

What's a girl to do???

Jeni said...

haha so much fun! I don't care about front or top all I cared about when we got ours is that it washed and dried a reg. DOUBLE load...which is sooo lovely!!! ah laundry...ain't it grand? haha

*Michigan Momma* said...

See, that's all I really cared about as well.....I just wanted a big ol' machine that would do my laundry QUICKER!!

Well, I'm making a decision next week, so time will tell~

Carol said...

Lori, vibration is an issue, so you do want to take that into consideration. You do not have a small family, so any use of water is going to be hard on your system. Here's what I would do. I would invest your money in a new washer, getting the best that you can for your money, and then purchase a second hand dryer, saving up for a newer one. If you go with the front loading machine, your clothes come out so much dryer, that the drier time will be much less. If you will have a clothes line, inside and/or outside, your clothes will dry quickly. Pray about it. Ask the Lord to guide your decision.

Make sure you get the septic information from the previous owner, such as when the last time the septic was pumped. If it's been a while, you may want to do it when you first move in, then have it pumped out in a year's time and see the condition of things. We make it a yearly maintenance on our septic system. It's worth the money and peace of mind.

Janet said...

Speed Queen is an old, old name and very good. Marlene is right about that. (I "think" that is what they used to give away on A Queen For A Day, right, Marlene?) That shows our age. I used to have a SQ dryer and it was very good. After using both top and front load @ laundromat I would really prefer a front load. Some decisions are pretty tough, huh?!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Yup, I just make my mind up one way, then I re-read some point someone has mentioned and I'm lost again....

My biggest hang-up right now is vibration. In my research, the people who WORK at places likes Sears and Lowes say the NUMBER 1 reason people are dissatisfied is vibration. Not just a bit of shaking, but violent-walking-across-the-floor type of vibration. Again, I'm not willing to do this to my parents, who will be living below us.

Like I said, I just make up my mind......*sigh*....still working on it~

Carol said...


You said laundry room, so I take it the the laundry is being done a a separate room, is that correct? Do you have your design for your basement? Do you know what will be directly below that room? Often times, water lines will determine where you will be putting bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms. It's possible, then, that one of those rooms will be directly below your laundry room. Do you know of anyone who owns a front loader, and in particular, one that is similar to a model you would purchase? That way, you could go see, and hear this machine to help you make up your mind. I have not looked it up, but there might be a difference of machine, based on the 'base' of the machine. More and more front loaders are higher off the ground, maybe those are those ones that are walking across the floor??? Worth checking out that angle. Our machine sits directly on the floor, no large base. We have never had it walk.