Friday, May 29, 2009

and the winner is....

We have made up our minds!

We are happy with our decision and I look forward to my new washer & dryer!!

We close on the house today (3:30pm) and then we take possession no later than 15 days (I'm hoping for less, but I'm content with the 15, I'm just excited!).  Then we have a week to do "changes" - such as moving the laundry hook-ups to the new "laundry room" (plus a bit of painting, cleaning, childproofing and possible bathroom items: we need a shower door plus tile put in around the tub).

Luckily, my parents are coming up for that WHOLE WEEK to help us out!  That way, I can take the baby, my radio, and supplies and actually get work DONE ~ sans curious lil' ones!  Awesome~

So for now, nauseam.....(actually, I'm very excited, but who gets excited about packing?!  I'm still throwing things out and decluttering as I go, which is great!)

Thanks for all the advice and info and opinions about the washer & dryer.  I'm not quite willing to divulge what we'll have to wait until I get some pics.....;)

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Morgan said...

How exciting! I hope your closing goes very smoothly!