Monday, June 15, 2009

Here we go...

Thus starts the week of craziness...

Hello all~

My folks arrived last night (whoo-hoo!) and my dad saw the house for the first time. How exciting! We just did the house tour, showed the kiddos the master tub "bubbles" (they thoughts this was FACINATING!), took down some wall sticker-type decorations (which we are moving to a new room) and basically just oooohed and aaaaahed over the view.

Just as my parents were sitting down (in camp chairs- ha!) with my kids, to look out the front room window, we saw the most AMAZING rainbow (double rainbow, actually). I have *never* seen one so bright!! We were in AWE! I honestly can't describe how I felt, but my mom & I discussed how much God has blessed us and what a gift that rainbow was from Him as well! It was as if He was right there with us (I know He IS), and wanted to just let us know He was watching over us, loving us. *sigh* Truely amazing~

So anyway, today's plan is to paint two sets of "cubbies" that I have plans for in the new house, head on over to Lowe's for a few other painting supples I will need tomorrow at the new house, and lots of packing up of boxes! My dh hates that part and wants me to get as much done of that as possible. Good wife that I am (ha!), I will try to oblige (thanks Danielle). The adults were all up last night until after 2am talking, so we are a bit slow getting going today....

Well, off I go.....laundry still needs to be done, dishwasher needs emptied, lunches will need to be fixed.....praise the Lord for my folks!!

p.s. I put a call in to my doc this morning, she's supposed to call me back this afternoon. I'm praying for another week of the meds plus a referral to a specialist or an ultrasound or SOMETHING! *sigh* This WILL get resolved!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL... yeahh you!

Packing... if my hubby said that I'd say well you can pack OR do ALL the moving! He then forgets we get movers lol and says he'll pack lol. About half way thru I'll mention the moving company lol.

ablige= Oblige