Sunday, June 14, 2009


I believe my lack of motivation yesterday was NOT simply a lack of motivation (whoo-hoo, I'm not just *lazy*).  I felt worse and worse as the day went on, felt like I was hardly going to make it through Saturday Venue Kids, then crashed on my bed for the night.  I hardly ate anything yesterday, just felt awful, and eventually started getting chills.

I believe it all relates back to this nursing/thrush issue.  Perhaps there is an underlying infection - which my doc said could cause the yeast to have an even greater hold.  I do feel like the meds are working, but I'm almost finished with my second week of this particular drug.  I'm going to call on Monday and ask for another week's prescription, while I make an appointment with a specialist and get an ultrasound.  I have read conflicting opinions online, with some saying you should have AT LEAST 2 week worth of the meds, with one week being after all symptoms are gone.  Problem is, they recommend an even longer dosage if you have a particularly persistant infection (which I believe I have).  So while it's getting "better" is VERY slowl going......

Soooooo....anyway.....I was in bed early last night and feel lots better this morning.  Of course I found out all this can be aggravated by stress and lack of sleep.  What could I possible have been stressed about over the last two weeks?????  Hmm.....I wonder?!  Whatever!!  My life is always crazy ~ and I love it!!

And lastly, my husband is TERRIFIC!  Through all this, he has been understanding and sympathetic and supportive.  Even last night, when I crashed unexpectedly while he had to feed and put four children to bed.....even when I could see that he was tired and frustrated......he kept on going and told me to stay in bed and helped me however he could.  He's a good man.  I am blessed~

p.s.  Have a blessed Sunday!  Praise the Lord for He is worthy!!!  Isn't it true?!?!?!!

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praying for you Lori,