Monday, July 6, 2009

just pluggin' away

Not much to report, really, just pluggin' away on getting things set up around here. A closet organized here, a wall sanded & painted there, a few pictures being hung up, and a new schedule being worked on in my spare time.

Since I'm so boring lately, here's some pics for your viewing pleasure. They are quite random but fun~

Our new "time-out" spot. It's really just a spot for a child to sit until Momma or Daddy is ready to deal with you....unfortunately (for Talitha in this case), the amount of time you may have to wait is unknown.....;)

Isaac having a blast at the local splash pad. Without going off on TOO much of a tangent, can I just say how INAPPROPRIATE swimwear is out there - especially for lil' girls and young ladies?!?! Come on, dads, step up to the plate here!!!

Selah also having fun at the splash pad - she's sitting on one of the water fountains and splashing other kids as they walk in front of her (they know it's coming!). The dress is because she is showing signs of being allergic to the sun just like Isaac (see next pic).

This is Selah's arm after being out in the sun a bit (with LOTS of sunscreen on - spf 85, no less!). This rash/hive thing goes away after a few hours of being out of the sun. It's not a sunburn.

Elijah Rock....what a sweetie! Although his new thing is to tell you "Go away, Momma" if he doesn't like what you have to say (i.e. whenever I tell him NO). We're working on it....*sigh*

These kids LOVE it when their Daddy comes home from work. Here's Dean, trying to rest and read the local paper...but Elijah just couldn't stay away (as it should be!). Meet my husband, the jungle gym!

So there ya go. I've got some more stuff to share....just give me a few days to get a handle on the house. I've got a new schedule (to be slowly implemented over this week - officially starting w/ homeschooling next week) and am working on a daily planning sheet.

Oh, and I'm officially going through POP withdrawl. I can't have pop with my ulcer (or is it my gall bladder? whatever, I can't have it) and it's driving me crazy. The water here tastes okay....until about your 10th glass....then it seems like you can start to taste a "coating" on the water. I'm assuming that's due to the water softener salt. Ummm.....yuck.

So there ya go, just complaining. I'll get over it.

Have a great Monday, friends~

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Anonymous said...

About the soda.... once you get thru withdraw you'll be aok. You will NEVER want it again. trust me on that ok? AND you will drop 15 lbs. AND sugar will always be too sweet after this. What you are experiencing is caffeine and sugar withdraw. Unless of course you are still drinking coffee, and that's probably just as bad lol.

Withdraw only lasts 3 days tops. Unless you cheat, and have a glass here or there.

Water? Ick, I only buy the bottled stuff. I don't like the tap water at all. Only thing I use it for is cooking. I can buy the store brand bottled water for $3.99 for 35 16 oz bottles.