Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're all unique, right?!

I've seen a bunch of organizing, scheduling, keeping-it-all-together planners out there - and they are enticing, that's for sure. You mean I can just buy a fairly cheap eplanner, print out the pretty pages and BAM! I'll be an organized fool~ matter what planner I look at, it doesn't suit ALL my needs. Maybe it's not for homeschooling families. Or families with 5 children. Or families with 5 SMALL children. Or maybe it doesn't include the HUGE yard I now have to keep looking nice. Or it doesn't have my cool family laundry room and all that goes with keeping that organized and running smoothly.

Each family is so different - and that's a good thing - but it doesn't make for very good GENERAL planners & organizers.

Now sure, I could *make* one of these pre-put-together planners work for us. I could add something here, cross off what we don't need (can I just say PETS!), but wouldn't be *pretty*. I like my organizing to be pretty. (yes, I understand I need pychiatric help, thankyouverymuch).

So over the next few days, as I finish getting the boxes unpacked and the pictures hung up and the last things put away in the closets....I'm gonna start working on my very own Organizational Planner. One for a family with 5 small children, NO PETS (PTL!), who homeschools, cooks meals mostly-from-scratch-cause-we're-on-a-budget and has a slightly neurotic laundry-lovin' momma who is SOOO not a morning person.

If you fit that criteria (ha!), I'd be happy to share my personal planner with you when I finish!

Later friends~


jesnicole said...

I read this and thought for sure you were reading my brain!!! With being a housewife, Pastor's wife, Homeschooling Momma, VBS Coordinator, Ladies Bible Study Leader, etc.......I tend to have about THREE planners lurking around, on top of all the calendars and dry erase boards.....I've yet to have ONE that "gets the job done". Hahaha. Hope you find one that works for you!! :)

Julie said...

LOL, you had me up til about "Laundry loving!"

We still have pets but they don't make it onto a schedule. Whoever notices they need to be fed feeds them. Whoever is cleaning the bathroom cleans the catbox. :)

Catherine Bennet said...

I really like the planners at this site. You may want to take a peak at them....;jsessionid=154a5966cfcf442/shopdata/index.shopscript
I bought one in May and I am so thankful I did. You can pick and choose what you need IN it. Check it out.