Wednesday, July 1, 2009

on the flip side...

...on the flip side of this whole don't-have-to-do-laundry-everyday hoop-la is this:

when I *don't* do laundry everyday, when I actually can go a few days in between loads,

I run out of underclothes.

Such is my dilemma this morning. I can hear my Speed Queen humming away in the laundry room, frantically trying to get me some underclothes clean & dry before my day can officially begin.

Sooooo.....if my choices are to go back to doing laundry every single day OR run out of underclothes occasionally???? I choose to buy some more bras & panties!

(note to hubby: your beautiful wife needs to make a trip to the mall...and SOON!)


Dean B. said...

Sorry honey, the clothing budget for the month as been spent! Oh wait, it's a new month today, so you're in luck!

Hehe, Dean

*Michigan Momma* said...


jesnicole said...

Hahahahaha. That's hilarious. I'm glad to see there are are people like me who don't have a bajillion pairs of undergarments! lol

Thanks for the comment, and the add! Enjoy your washer and dryer!! :)

Anonymous said...

I personally buy my under things at target. I get the Gilligan and Jillian brand. WONDERFUL and sexy!!!!! On more special occasions I got to Victoria Secret!

But I do have a ton of underwear and bras.


PS love the new set-up!