Monday, August 31, 2009

I need batteries

Hello world~

Actually, we have been having a great time together as a family. We've spent a lot of time outdoors (we love the fall weather MUCH more than all that hot summer stuff, ugh), mowing the lawn, preparing a raised garden bed for next year, making our fire pit all spiffy ~ and then putting said fire pit to good use!! (tonight it was S'mores ~ oh ya baby!)

I'v made some awesome meals, a few great desserts, been teaching my girls how to make up some fresh dinner rolls, and even planned ahead with this week's menus. I've been keeping up with (most of) my chores. The baby is getting bigger and getting mobile. My BIG baby turned 8 years old ~ WOW!!

And yet.....I can not share *any* of it with you.

I need batteries.

"AA" to be precise. 4 of them, actually. My digital camera is sitting in my kitchen, just begging to be used. I *so* want to snap some pics so I can share them with you here....then I remember.

So......I need to get to the store. We planned so well the last time we went to the store, I haven't needed anything else, hence no trips to the store. When you live 25 minutes from the nearest Wal-Mart, you just don't run out to pick-up some batteries.

But ya know what? We need milk. So tomorrow, I'm gonna send my wonderful dh to the store for milk & batteries. 2% and "AA" please. 4 of 'em.
(oh, and the baby's swing takes 4 "C")
Thanks babe~

p.s. I've been organizing too ~ trying to get the fall wardrobe's set. It can be difficult just keeping everyone's closet/drawers full of clothes that FIT. I have plenty of clothes, lots of labeled bins with varying sizes, it's just figuring out what is too small, too big, what actually fits......times FIVE!! Good thing I enjoy organizing.....;)

p.p.s. Since my camera is...ahem...unavailable, here's a pic of my beautiful Tali (4yo) from that photo class shoot thingy (this is what she looks like WITHOUT her thumb in her mouth ~ it's a rare sight indeed!! Click on the pic to get a close-up of her big, beautiful blue eyes). We're headed back to this same lady for an iStock Photo Shoot Monday afternoon (just Isaac & Selah this time). Hope to get some more great shots - the photographer lady - she's AMAZING!!
And Tali? Gorgeous~

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Michiganmommyx4 said...

Let me tell you about batteries!
I buy 20.00 worth of assorted sized batteries once a year, from the dollar store, and now I always have batteries! I keep them in a coffee can up in my cupboard, and when the kids need them, I can say hang on a you go! I love it!!