Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a bit of nothing

Nothing to share.

We are simply enjoying our simple days before we start up schooling again.

Normally, we will be schooling year round, yet even in following that schedule, we will still have times "off" of schooling. The next two weeks are part of that.

Simple. Easy. Fun.

*and I am LOVIN' this cooler weather*

Let me know how YOU are spending your last few weeks of summer....

p.s. here in MI, our ps doesn't start until after Labor Day (which is awesome!), so we've got a few weeks left. I know many of you have already started your fall schedule....then let us know how the first few weeks are going for you~


Theresa said...

I would be lovin' these cooler MI days too ... if they only would have started two or three weeks from now!

We start school the Monday after Labor Day ... probably about the same time the next heat wave does!



Morgan said...

Public schools starting after labor day is the way it's meant to be! I think it's crazy that so many schools start early-mid August. It's too early!

I don't have a schedule set, yet, but I'm interested in hearing about other peoples!

Tina said...

My boys started back at Faith on 8/20. We're settling in nicely! I much prefer fall over any other season. The leaves changing, the BLISSFULLY cooler weather, new clothes for school, a return to routine, my return to a sane work schedule (9-3 as opposed to 6am-12), it's all good!