Monday, August 17, 2009

Working like Ms. Proverbs 31?

What in the world??

I have no idea what I did!?! But I can tell you what I didn't do:

*I did NOT get up before dark (ha!)
*I did NOT make myself bed coverings (nor did I hem my dh's pants)
*I did NOT work with flax & wool (although I did make some pizza dough)

What I also DID NOT do, was eat the bread of idleness ~ whoo-hoo!! Go Lori!

What it *feels* like I I worked out for hours on end. My muscles are sore in my legs, my hips, my back, my butt (tmi, I know). And I have no idea what I did to work my muscles so extensively?!? No idea.

Oh well, maybe this will count as part of "She dresses herself with strength
and makes her arms strong."

(It's my butt that hurts, not my arms, but whatever...)


Tereza said...

Ha go little miss proverbs 31 woman:):):):)

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Great post. I wanted to share this website I found with you, because I think it has some awesome homeschool shirts you might like!

Leila said...

You were probably pumping baby :)

*Michigan Momma* said...

Leila - Ha! Probably...

*Actually, I believe I have figured out my sore muscles's very sad actually....

See, I help my dh lead worship on Sunday mornings with the elementary kiddos upstairs at church.

This past Sunday, we sang "I Get Down, He Lifts Me Up". And I got down. Our motions have you lunging from side to side, while reaching up to the sky inbetween sides (I get DOWN, He lifts me UP - get it?!)

So I basically lunged myself silly. All the while I was thinking, I can do this - no problem. I'm only 34 and really out of shape, but c' *worship*, no aerobics!

Ahem. Apparently, it's both.

*I believe in the future I may have to do some stretching before worship time, 'kay?!*