Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feeling a little behind

Well, we've just been dealing with some LONG nights (or short nights, depending on how you look at it - I've not been getting enough sleep, let's just put it that way).  Micah is definitely on the road to recovery.  He will occasionally have a coughing fit, but it's no longer all whooping-sounding, nor like a seal-bark, so I'm confident he's doing good!

Elijah....well....he is *better*, but he's still running a fever here and there.  His cough isn't as bad, but the boogers....eww....the boogers.  gross.

And Tali, well, it's probably allergies (are there FALL allergies, I just don't know?) or a cold that she just can't shake the coughing part.  She is taking nebulizer treatments, which help a lot, but she keeps on having to take them each day.  Poor girl.

If anyone is still having issues on Monday, I'm gonna go ahead and take 'em in to be seen - but this weekend, I'm going to TRY to keep them all calm and relaxed and just taking it easy, so their little bodies will have a chance to fight off all the yuckies.  Poor lil' babies~

Soooo anyways, I've got some stuff to talk about:  some of it light and everyday & some of it heavy and deep.  We'll see when I can get to all that....I really need sleep more than blogging.  (did I just say that???  amazing ;)

Later, my friends ~ enjoy this beautiful weather!

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DannielleSB said...


Load um w/homemade chicken noodle soup (canned or boxed is good, if you have that) and VITAMIN C. Lots of OJ... water. Lay off the other juices... it's all sugar... it'll just dehydrate them.

Do you have any children's cough syrup?

There are Fall allergies... BELIEVE you me!

Hope they feel better soon! Definitely take them to the dr on Monday if they aren't better.. and obviously to the ER, if they get worse.