Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The reason behind the choice

Hey, it's "Wondering Wednesday"!!! (aren't you excited?)
I don't have any burning questions in my inbox, nor in the comments section, so I'm gonna put a question out there for all of YOU to answer, okay?!?
Q: Considering what type of schooling you have chosen for your child (public, private, charter, home, other?), what is ONE reason for this important choice??
The point here is to express some *positives* in this area. We can all tell you why we DON'T home school. Or why we DON'T send them to public school. Or whatever..... Let's talk about some of the more positive stuff, shall we?!
Just give one reason - whether you agree with other commentors or not, I don't really care - I'm just interested in seeing some of the reasons behind WHY we make this important decision~
I'm just wondering....
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Jeni said...

Lori I'm so glad you posted this! I've been so crushed in spirit over this topic lately! I'm not sure for Mike and I that it's so much "why" we send the kids to ps but "how". We are in and out of the school helping on a reg. basis, in touch reg. with their teachers, pouring over homework etc. with them....and adding our own things in too like piano, sports, church as well as the things we do for devotions and service to others for Christ! My best friend homeschools and I certainly know the reasons why, we are definately aware of the issues in ps, Mike went before the city/school board several yrs. ago on the Creationism curriculum, it was NOT a fun time for our family OR the popular view but it showed our kids that we want them to "know" the difference between what living "in" the world means and what living for Christ means. We are extremely blessed to be able to say that Jordan is entering his 10th grade yr. and we have never had to challenge things he learned because we had wonderful Christian ps teachers and we dialogue regularly about what they are learning and have been privelaged to have our kids bring up the differences they are aware in the ps and have great discussions and prayer times for schools/teachers!
I love it when parents take a big part in their kids lives and education! I love my homeschooling friends, my ps friends and private school friends. I think it's the greatest thing when we support each others differences, not compare them and make sure we are doing just that...teaching our kids the Truth! I just love the passion you guys have for your kids, for Christ and for your friends! I'm so glad you're willing to put this out there...we pray for you guys and your ministry OFTEN! and I ADORE your new layout...inspires me to get back to my blogging! Love the kids photos and I'd say stick your your quizical looking face and NOT your crazy hubbies! lol

Virginia (Jenny) said...

If I had to pick ONE:

I homeschool because I've seen what my kids turn into when they go into public school! I LIKE it when they go to school and do all the fun stuff and playing with friends. The only thing is they picked up on so much bad stuff throughout the week that I had to keep trying to reverse their thinking almost every day. The influence on them was amazing. When I keep them at home, I don't deal with so many issues like that. I train them in the bible, courtesy, manners, etc. I don't have to worry about some punk kid trying to shove their ways into my kid. ;) That was said sweetly of course. I haven't even told you about the stuff the teachers have said to my kid and how my kids were bullied because they like President Bush. They actually begged me to be homeschooled this year. So I went back to it. It's so hard for me sometimes, with so many little ones, but the hard work will pay off. Plus I can keep them all nearby and snuggle them so much more. :D

Shari said...

I homeschool my kindergartener and send my 6th grader to ps. I wish I could homeschool both of my kids because I personally believe that homeschooling has more positives. For one, I am in charge of what my children are learning. I don't have to worry about what President Obama is going to say to my kids on Tuesday. (I've already heard part of it and it disgusts me!)Homeschooling is a great way to protect our kids from outside influences until they are of the age to handle them better.

Since I DO have a child in ps, I should at least have one good thing to say about it. So far, Nathan has made some good friends and his teachers have all been great. I skim through his school books and we discuss anything that I don't agree with regarding the creation/evolution debate or what not. Public schools do offer certain things that would be hard for me to accomplish on my own such as foreign language, computer courses, and art courses. I'm not saying that these are impossible to achieve as a homeschooler, but it is EASIER to achieve with ps.

Although I want both of my kids at home, I am learning to live with what the Lord is providing to me on a daily basis.

Dean B. said...

Shari~where did you hear the speech he is gonna give? I would love to see/hear it....


*Michigan Momma* said...

ONE of the reasons I educate my kiddos at home is: I really want to be there as they are learning about this world that God has created for us! The science, the math, the people, the history, the art, the music, the books....oh, the books!

Just the other night, Isaac stopped by the big window upstairs on his way to bed. He said, "Momma, come here! LOOK at the moon ~ isn't it beautiful!?!" He then went on to tell me God made it for us, right at that moment, to see it and enjoy it ~ WOW!!

Ok, one more, their innocence. They are going to have years and years to understand the harsh realities and vulgarity of this world. For right now, they are innocent. We do not hide truths from them, but neither are things introduced to them that they simply aren't ready for.

I've been told my kids are "sweet" or "innocent" or "loving". I pray they are able to hold onto some of these qualities as they grow up and learn what a harsh world we really do live in.

**oh ya, and the teaching in my jammies thing....that's cool too!!

(there's so many reasons, I could go on and on and on.....)


Tina said...

We send our kids to private, Christian school because that's where God led us. We prayerfully considered all the options. Most people assumed that since my first career was as a teacher, that I would homeschool. That's not the direction we were led. I love that they're not just learning reading, but they're reading about a missionary. They're not just diagramming a sentence, they're diagramming, "Today when John prayed, he asked for forgiveness." The entire curriculum has the focus on God. They start they day in prayer. They have chapel. They have wonderful friends. I have a network of moms who share my beliefs that I can rely on for emergency help. We didn't know how we were going to pay for it, but each year God provided in a different way. It wasn't until their 4th year there that he provided a JOB for me to pay for it myself. (Other years it was Grandma, my rich aunt, the sale of some stock, etc., always a different solution). My kids have asked to be homeschooled. They've asked to go to public school. (Depending on what prompted their dissatisfaction with their current school). Each year we ask God to show us what he wants for that year. So far it's been Faith. Thanks for asking, Lori. Love the new blog days! And keep your picture. Dean looks...too...quizzical ;-)

Shari said...

I heard part of the speech on a local radio station. It is called "the pledge." It is a bunch of actors and other high profile people that children would recognize pledging things like "I pledge to get rid of my obnoxious car and buy a hybrid." "I pledge to flush my toilet only after a bowel movement." "I pledge to be a servant to Barack Obama." WHAT!!! Obama is the public servant. He should be serving us. Not the other way around. This was only 2 minutes of this speech. I didn't hear anything from Obama himself, but from what I heard he is just doing a lot of self-promotion.

I called Nathan's school to find out if they will be showing the speech and they will not. Thank the Lord. If they did, Nathan would have a mysterious 24 hour bug that day.

mickeyjets said...

Hey Lori, what a thought provoking question... Even though Jacob is just starting kindergarten next week, he's been using public school resources to help us overcome a language delay that we discovered when he was two. We have met some wonderful people along the way that have helped Jacob to prepare for this upcoming Tuesday. We've learned about people as well. I feel that we are called to be a Christian light within the school or for that matter wherever our life takes us. Sure I'm nervous about the influences other children may try to have on our son but I know that God will be with him (and he knows that) and I believe he'll be the one being the influence.