Saturday, September 26, 2009

it *can* be done!

We are involved in a weekly Bible Study/small group with two other families.  All together, we currently have 11 kiddos.  Our Isaac is the oldest at 8 years old.

It *can* be done.

You do not always have to find a way to "be alone" to study the Bible.  You do not have to figure out a way to have an "adult only" time in order to have fellowship.

Is it sometimes challenging?  Of course.  Yet our children are growing up seeing their parents part of a Bible Study every week.  It's just a normal part of their lives.  When they are older, I pray it will stay a normal part of their adult lives as well.

Of course, I do believe we're going to be planning an "adult's only" dinner & a movie date night with these two couples.  Babysitters, here we come!  Hey, kids also need to learn how important their parent's marriage is as well~

Here are the "babies" from our Bible Study group - one baby per family!!

Beautiful babies~


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

That's awesome and I agree that it's important for the kids to see that Bible study is part of your life and something you get together with others to do. I also agree on your "adults only" night out. Having a good balance is key. You guys rock!

Jennifer, Sunshine, Angel, Miss Thang & Baby said...

I completely agree. I, unfortunately come from a town of people who say they want a deeper relationship / understanding of God's Word, but no one will commit to a bible study. I have four kids here, which is more than most families in my church, yet somehow their lives are busier than mine. Bible studies are key in all of our lives...I miss being a part of one.