Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why do *you* lock the doors?

As we pulled into the garage the other night, I asked my 8yos Isaac if he would please lock the back door - from the garage to the back yard.  He said "sure, Momma".  As he was walking back from his task, he looked at me questioningly and asked, "Momma, why do you want to make sure the back door is locked?"

Before I had a chance to formulate an answer that didn't involve anything too scary for his imaginative 8yo brain he pipes up, "OH!  I know why!"


"It's 'cause of the ninjas, isn't it Momma?!"

Ummm....yes....ninjas.  How did you know?

He was totally serious.


Jamin said...

What is it with 8 year olds and ninja's. Parker was outside today dressed in black with Jamin's ski mask on and a fake sword.

Mary said...

I for one feel eversomuch better knowing you and your young ones are safe from ninjas. Gotta love him!

Brooke said...

You know when Jeff and I played a 4 month run of fiddler on the roof we would often discuss with the trombone player how to improve certain scenes in the show by adding ninjas!

Tess said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard him say, and he says alot of cute things! Dad & I just chuckled and of course we have shared his comment with,... well, everyone. Whether they want to hear it or not!
It's the price you gotta pay to be our friend!