Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In the beginning....

Well, it's 10:20pm on Monday, Labor Day.

I'm exhausted.

We did a trip to the Toledo Zoo today, with another hs'ing family, which was fun (even though we ended up SOAKING WET - why does it *always* rain when we go to the zoo??).  We left around 8am and got back closer to 9pm.....did I mention I'm exhausted?

Yet, we officially start this years's hs'ing tomorrow.  We officially start our new hs'ing daily routine tomorrow.  I officially have to get up early....

*bites lip and tries not to cry*

So......I'll get back to you, okay?  Let me get something to drink, read a bit in bed and then lights out at 11pm.  Up at 7am....LOTS OF PRAYER....then onto the seize the day!!

Here's our basic hs'ing curriculums for this year:  ~I'll try to get links up later~

**AO's Weaver (unit studies) Volume 1 (finish from last year)
this is the bulk of our hs'ing - it includes most of the subjects such as science, history, social studies, grammar, literature, etc....along with Bible study)
**AO's Lifepacs Math grades 1 & 2 (for Isaac & Selah, respectively)
**Phonics - 100 easy lessons (finish up)
**handwriting/spelling - copywork & notebooking  (I get a lot of this stuff on-line) 
**KONOS - with another hs family (like a co-op teaching day about once a week where we work together)

We have Bible with the Weaver unit studies, but other than that, I'm gonna stick with the verses and info sheets that come home with my older kiddos from church.  They enjoy memorizing those verses, they are rewarded with small toys, stickers, candy, what-have-you....

LASTLY, I'm not sure about a foreign language?!?  Do you really do a second language with a 1st & 2nd grader?  I can't afford a big ol' program like Rosetta Stone....I've seen some other, inexpensive, kid-friendly ones.....just not sure I'm ready to add that to our day yet.  Maybe I should just see how we're doing with *THIS* schedule for awhile...


Ok, coffee maker, don't fail me now...

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