Thursday, December 10, 2009

Discipling Our Children?

Have you heard of this book?

If not, I would encourage you to find a copy and read it immediately (or as soon as you can work your way through it as it sits on the back of your toilet - where I personally get most of my reading done).

I am not all the way through it yet, so I will hold off on an official review - yet I'm enjoying it and feeling quite convicted as well.  The author is obviously pro-homeschooling, yet often says that is not the ONLY way to go.  Even if you aren't homeschooling, don't toss this book aside as I believe it has some great ideas, information and grounded Biblical teaching - regardless of your schooling choices.

One of the points brought up is how we spend our time.  So many of us (myself included - that's for sure!) sorta mosey on through life, trying our best just to keep our head above water at times ~ we forget to be intentional with our time.  Homeschooling does offer me a wonderful blessing in simply TIME with my kids.  I'm with them at breakfast, during lessons and workbook time, teaching them chores, reminding them to pick up their clothes in the laundry room (AGAIN!), lunch time, computer time, play time, dress-up time, coloring & painting & cooking & crocheting & building airplanes out of legos.  I get to lay them down for quiet time, read a book to them, help them dry their hair after a bath.  I have to break up fights....many fights throughout the day.  I need to feed them ~ *that's* a never-ending process, eh?!  And it's hard.  Really hard. I have to APOLOGIZE.  Often.  I'm not a saint, not wonder-woman, nor do I have some amazing gifting from God.  I'm normal.  Incredibly normal.

Yet really, when I am honest with myself, no matter how hard it is - this TIME with my children is precious.  It *is* a blessing.  And I need to be intentional with the TIME I have been given with these babies.  I have five children, the oldest is only 8 - and already I am learning how quickly this TIME is slipping by.  I have to quit waiting for them to "get older".  They don't need to be at a certain age for me to disciple them.  They need me NOW.

So I'm looking at the TIME I have with them, each day, a little differently.  Yes, it's still hard.  Yes, I can't believe how many times I have to wipe down the table each and every day (hello?!?!?).  Yet never again will I have this opportunity with my babies.  Never again will they be so willing to listen, so willing to learn, so willing to work.  Right now they want to do everything I do ~ what am I showing them?  About God?  About this life?  About family?  About love?

Ok, well, that topic got away from me, sorry.  I really just wanted to recommend this book:  Disciple Like Jesus:  for Parents.

Now go love on those babies~


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I actually just recently read about this book on another blog and it sounded very good. You are so right about having to be intentional with our time. I look back on when my children were babies (especially Riley) and think of what my life was like at that time and where my priorities were and just how much I missed out on him and Gavin at that time too. Now, with the Lord in my life, I am so much more aware of the blessings that my children are and one of my absolute favorite times as a family is sitting down for devotions at night. God has done such amazing things in our life and I try to remind my children of that frequently...very frequently. I just really hope that my love for the Lord and our passion to help others know him will be something that my kids always remember and that they will feel the same. My head is just a spinnin' right now thinking about all this. We've been given a big, hard job, but it is oh so worth every minute.

LLJ said...

looks like a really good book, Lori! Thanks for sharing about it and your life. Some days it feels like I just don't know what I am doing at all, but we persevere and God is faithful!

Janet said...

Without doubt parenting is HARD, no apologies necessary. It is true that as parents we MUST "homeschool" our children, esp. we who are Christians. They will NOT learn our values, ethics, etc. outside of the home--in the world. It doesn't matter where your child attends formal school, parents must "school" them at home! Coming from one whose "children" are now adults with children themselves I KNOW how fast times flies, and how FAST they grow. You are blessed you can stay home with your kiddies and teach them, go for it. It truly is precious time which only lasts for an extremely short time. How the house looks is not important, it is the quality of time you spend with them. Believe me, there will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be housework, laundry, etc. to do. You are doing a fabulous job, Lori (and Dean, too) ...keep it up. Keep those eyes on our Father for He is the best teacher, leader...

*Michigan Momma* said...

Thanks ladies ~ I'm hoping no one gets turned off by the hs'ing part of this post. That really isn't what it's about (although I do feel blessed to be hs'ing them!). It's more that our time with them is so short - so we *must* be intentional. We can't let time just slip on by...

Love all you ladies in my life - thank you!!

p.s. @Leanne ~ thanks for the phone call from your hubby to mine. This is so important and while we recognize's still just so difficult for us. Thanks for being such an encouraging person (Dan too!!)

Dean B. said...

HS'ing is essential to what Lori and I believe to be important for our kids to learn, but no where does scripture say it is the ONLY way. The model of Jesus does involve spending as much time with them as possible, but there is MUCH to be said about how formative the early years are of kid's lives - especially the first 3!!!

If you find you cannot HS, at least consider NOT working while they are still young and before they enter Kindergarten. Those are key ages!