Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some random pics from life

Look at these Pull-Apart Buns!

Yes, they taste FABULOUS!  (at least, my kiddos think so)

Here are the "clover-buns" ready to go in the oven
(they might have risen *just* a bit too much)

Yet they tasted great anyway!
(notice I couldn't even get a pic before someone came and grabbed one)

A new place for our stockings

Isaac was having fun taking pics of Micah
It seems we always have a pic of the newest baby under the Christmas tree~

He's really crawling now!!
(Again, photo by Isaac ~ he just loves his lil' brother)

Here's a pic of Tali with her newly cut bangs.
She was really nervous ~ yet everyone has told her how much they like 'em, so she's happy now.  I had them cut so maybe she would stop twirling and damaging her hair in front.  She is still twirling, yet she does larger sections in the back, which just curl her hair - rather than knot up small sections like she used to do, which would break her hair off.  She's adorable!

Lastly, here's one of the Jr. High gals ~ who likes to carry around and take care of my babies.
It is such a blessing when I am being pulled in five different directions at church.
This is Jeni's middle child and I just love her!!

That's all the random photos for now.  More of the basement remodel soon....


LLJ said...

heart touching pictures! They make me SMILE!

Jeni said...

Awe I thought you gave up BLOGGING I'm glad you didn't!! so sweet that you included Macy in your photos!! she's loves babies! I'm so excited for you and your house "doings!"

*Michigan Momma* said...

Well, no, I probably *should* give up blogging, but I enjoy it too much. I don't get much of a chance to visit other people's blogs though.....occasionally.....

Macy is a wonderful girl ~ such a sweet heart, she has!