Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life Goes On~

Ok, here we have the results of giving a 2 year old boy a GREEN-dyed chocolate frosting, chocolate cupcake.
Oh. my. goodness.

This really speaks for itself, eh?

My children's favorite house guest of the last week.
If we could ever find such a wonderful dog, we would adopt him immediately.
Immediately.  Great dog!

Talitha Elizabeth's hair all curled for Christmas Eve service.
Obviously, I'm never letting her out of the house, right?!

Dean doing his fatherly duty - putting together toys for Christmas!

Another Daddy-assembled Christmas gift.

Man, those transformers are actually pretty hard ~ he's gettin' it though.
He also got SoundWave - Decepticons, Mobilize!!

Elijah had a rough morning - just tired and cranky - but he did love his new dinosaur w/ the Hot Wheel City.

There were a few homemade items as well.
Tali got a matching hat & scarf (I'm still not finished with the mittens - they're adorable!)

Our family is now properly decked out in OSU attire - thanks to Grammy!

Even lil' Micah in his new OSU bib ~ he thoroughly enjoyed his very first Christmas morning!!

Life goes on.  We are now in the cleaning up process.  My dh is spackling and painting the many spots on our walls.  I am taking down decorations and I *seriously* need to dust!!  No, seriously.  wow.

MANY, many thanks go out to my wonderful mil - she cooked, made candy, caramel corn, buckeyes, banana pudding......she also spent a whole evening with all my kiddos so Dean & I could have a date night.  Whoo-hoo!!  Go Grammy!!  Well, Kenni helped out too....;)

Life goes on.  We are starting the Wii Active (one of our Christmas gifts, along with more controllers, covers, batteries and a 4-pack charger) 30 Day Challenge.  Eating less is still VERY difficult.  It is something I did NOT do well at during some of our Christmas celebrations.  Yet this *is* something we are committed to doing.  I just get up each day and start again.  Whether I've messed up or not.  I just start each day in prayer, committing it to God and asking for HIS power to help me.  I *so* can't do this on my own.

So that's it.  Party at our house New Year's Eve.  Football game at a friend's house New Year's Day.  Then hubby attends a conference and the kids & I get back on the hs'ing train......Life goes on.

And it is a GOOD life~


LLJ said...

I love it, Lori!
You "sound" so refreshed and happy! & motivated! Isn't it wonderful?!?! I feel the exact same way!
God Bless you, friend,

Jessica D. said...

where did you find that bumblebee transformer?? My friend was looking for one?

*Michigan Momma* said...

We got 'em at Wal-Mart. They had a whole bunch, at various levels. We got the level 4 (age5+) and my 8 year old had a time figuring it out (not to mention myself, Dean & my bil). We got him Bumblebee & Soundwave - then his Uncle got him a Bumblbee too. Oh well, you can never have too many transformers, right?!?

(oh, and they were fairly inexpensive too. $8 or $10 each. They had this HUGE one - actually 6 smaller ones that fit together - but it was like $80, on sale! whew...)

DannielleSB said...

Who is sucking her thumb? You might want to deter that. My niece did that (probably still does, and she's 91/2) and she has HORRIBLE teeth (buck teeth, huge gaps etc), she NEEDS braces now. My nephew is 11, and his teeth are beautiful. And he didn't suck his thumb, just used a pacifier.

What a difference a year makes. New home, new baby, and I remember your Christmas last year, a simple Christmas. Certainly a good year.

*Michigan Momma* said...

Oh, that's Talitha. Yup, we try to deter that daily. She's actually getting much better. There was a time there when she had her thumb in her mouth ALL THE TIME! Now, it's usually just when she's tired or nervous/anxious (like a new situation).

And yes, you can see how it is affecting the shape of her teeth. We're simply doing our best and we'll have to deal with life as it comes!

It *is* amazing what a year can do!! Hope you had a fantastic year as well, Danielle~

DannielleSB said...

Lori... weight loss is not about eating less. it's about consuming less calories. There's a difference. You'll just starve yourself by just consuming less.

Find low calorie snacks and eat them when you are hungry. Fruits, raw veggies (no dressing, just extra calories), popcorn (plain), pretzels etc. You should be consuming around 1500 calories. Right down everything you eat, and the calorie content (if known). You should burn more calories than you eat, and that will help you lose weight.

Good Luck!!

And yes, we had a wonderful Christmas, we spent it w/my mom and brother in Florida. We enjoyed Disney World! Happy New Year to you as well!