Saturday, December 12, 2009

More basement pics

First comes a big ol' truck parked on the side lawn.

It picks up the drywall, with this HUGE crane, then swings it around to the back of the house.

The men then unload it, one piece at a time.

We've now got a *bunch* of drywall in the basement ~ hope they can get started on Monday!

The ceiling insulation went up yesterday (Friday).
I'm amazed at how much of a sound barrier that is.  We went downstairs (while the baby was crying - he was just fussing cause he didn't want to go to bed, don't freak out!).  While down there, we couldn't hear ANYTHING.  I was worried about sound, but I really think it's gonna be just fine ~ amazing!

Inspections to date:  rough plumbing, rough electric, mechanical & building.
There's A LOT of little details, specific codes, that you must adhere to.  It's crazy!!

Ok, more pics to come this week (walls!!!!) ~YEAH~


Dani said...

Oh my! I am sure the boys are enjoying all of the heavy machinery:)

Sorry we missed seeing you last night. It was a beautiful program, and we all enjoyed it very much. You have a wonderful gift of music.

Your hubby mentioned getting together after Christmas...if you're up to it;)


*Michigan Momma* said...

I am *SO* up to it ~ sounds wonderful! Our schedule is fairly open....well, except the weekends....

We'll talk after Christmas ~ sorry I missed you last night, I was tired and not feeling my best.

Good to hear from you~