Monday, February 8, 2010

Answers & Fun Times!

.....hold on, I gotta go shape my bread to rise for dinner....

Ok, there we go.  Seriously, this new bread recipe I found - to be kneaded in a bread machine, then shaped & baked in your oven - is amazing!  I'm usually making bread about every other day as of late, and this recipe is quickly becoming a staple!

This bread goes well with chili, soup, stew, or just sandwiches...yum!
Here's Tali enjoying dinner!!

Anyways...let's get on to the "Answers" part of this blog title.  Answers:  answers to prayer, to be specific.  I just realized today, amidst all the chaos of life, that God has answered a prayer I have been praying for at least a year.  And I didn't even know!  See, His answer what not in the form I had expected.  Yet, it is definitely God's hand at work, that much is very clear.  I'm just amazed to be able to see God work - I bet He delights in surprising us with His ways!  No, this is not how I would have solved my dilemma, yet in His wisdom, God saw fit to give me exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.  *sigh*  Yup, He's pretty awesome like that!

In my day-to-day life, I am full.  My days are starting earlier - well, *a bit* earlier - and they are chock full until I fall into bed at night.  I don't think I'm over-loaded with unnecessary duties, I simply have very FULL days, yet happy days.  And I think I'm learning some patience.  I think.  Maybe.

~Isaac in his Sunday School class~

My old Singer table sewing machine was recently fixed by a new gal pal ~ how exciting!  So the other evening, after the kiddos went to bed, I planned out my next few projects (for myself).  After that, once we are a bit closer to spring, this same friend & I will be whipping up some dresses & bloomers for our girls  (she owns a serger.  Cool!).

Selah with a friend at church!

Mine are beginning to reach the age where appropriate, modest clothing is much harder to find - and her daughter is there as well.  So if anyone has any simple, modest dress patterns, for various sizes (um, maybe 6 or 8 - 12/14), let me know so I can get the pattern purchased.  I am specifically looking for washable, everyday dresses - maybe using a knit blend.  I want the girls to be able to throw on a dress in the morning, find some matching bloomers, and be ready for their day.  Then can then play outside, or head into town with me, and I know they will look pretty & modest.

~My hubby in his office at church~

What about Fun Times, you ask?  Well, I just found out my wonderful husband is taking me to see MADEA!!!  Yes, Tyler Perry is coming to Detroit and we are headed to see one of his plays ~ SWEET!!!  (If you are in the area, and are interested in going, let us know 'cause we can get better deals with a larger group.)  He became a favorite of ours a few years back, yet we have only seen his movies, never one of his plays - they are where he became well-know.  How exciting!!

The downstairs is coming finish the floors & all trim/doors.

Now I gotta go get a baby up from his nap, check on my rising bread, check on my daughter's math pages, get my son's flashcards ready, collect the valentine cards my other daughter has completed, vacuum the floor, mop the bathroom, boil the noodles for dinner........oh forget it, I gotta go!!!!!!!


LLJ said...

How fun to go see Madea!!!
I just saw this site yesterday so I was able to find it for you -
don't ask me how I found it - maybe just for you????
I hope you have a great Monday night!
p.s. Mary was writing valentines today too. : )

DannielleSB said...

Wow... when are women going to make patterns that are modest but stylish????

I've never gone that far w/dressing my girls. I've never had a problem finding clothes for my girls. Of course we also wear pants and jeans.

How's the weight loss going? Does Dean need a kick to get back into it? I see that huge cup from Mickey D's. lol

Dean B. said...

Danielle~do you ever have something nice to say????


Tina said...

Basement looks GREAT friends! Nice work. Love the colors you've chosen. Can't help you with the pattern thing, Lori, I'm sewing handicapped...and I'm jealous of the bread thing, cuz I gave away my breadmaker when I was working full time and now I want it back...but I'm determined to learn to make my favorite Swedish bread that both my sis and my sis-in law have mastered. But I need someone to nag me about it. Will you be my accountability friend?