Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A "go-to" for any baker!

If you like to bake, or are developing your baking skills, or simply *have* to bake to feed all those crazy kiddos you keep having (*wink*) ~ you NEED to know about this site:

Seriously, I love this site.

Actually, I somehow received one of their blogs - maybe sent to me from a friend, maybe I searched for a recipe, not sure - and I was quick to add their blog to my reader.  Now, every few days I receive a tried-and-true recipe at the click of my mouse!  Love it!!

So if you want "the BEST" bread machine sandwich bread recipe, or a fantastic dessert, or pizza crust (as I'm making for dinner tonight)....hop on over there - or better yet, add them to your list of blogs.  Wonderful~

**and I don't always use KAF - it tends to be too expensive - although, I'd bet their on-line, bulk prices might be comparable.  I've never purchased bulk online.....might have to check into that.....;)


Kerry said...

I love King Arthur Flour recipes too! I get their catalog every-so-often and really enjoy searching out those recipes. I also buy the whole white wheat flour and replace AP flour in most recipes except for cookies ~ haven't figured out how to do that yet :-)

mommyx12 said...

Oh thanks for sharing this yummy website. My girls will love going over there to find something to create.