Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gel Pro Giveaway!

Come on, how many of us stand in one places for hours each day?!  In my kitchen, there is one central location to do dishes, cut veggies, cook on the stove, cut on the's all within a few steps.  So after a while, well, my feet hurt!  Not to mention my back...ugh.

So here's a giveaway we should ALL be entering:  Gel Pro!  It's over at Danielle's blog:  Finally Finding Me...I Think (I have her button on my sidebar).  I'm definitely hoping to get my hands on a nice, dark, pebble-style mat for my kitchen!  There are *many* styles and colors to choose from ~ So head on over there - the giveaway requirements have changed and it takes no time at all to get yourself 7 entries!

Good luck to all~

1 comment:

Brooke said...

this looks cool. Do you think I could tile my entire home in this stuff?