Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Master Bedroom "Before"

Ok, so again, go HERE - to Sarah's blog - if you want to join on in.  We've still got a lot of home to cover in this process, so feel free to do what you can!

from the doorway, looking into our master bedroom
A king-size bed has been wonderful!!

a view from the other corner of the room, with the bookcase right behind me.
the closed door leads to the master bath, the open door to the hallway.

So, for this week we are tackling the master bedroom.  Cleanliness-wise, my master bedroom isn't that bad.  Just recently, I pulled out the desk, untangled all the computer cords, wires, speakers, yada-yada.........it was REALLY dusty back there.  The static electricity must attract it?!  Who knows...but it was *bad*!  So that part is done, at least.

Here's my semi-cluttered desk.  Not bad.  Nothing on the wall though, kinda boring.

No, the real problem with the master bedroom?  It's boring.  Yup, boring.  I need a few wall hangings or...something.  I need to replace the HORRIBLE mini-blinds (I really hate those things) with some nice fabric curtains.  I could whip those up this week.....maybe.  I *am* still in the middle of a HUGE painting project (kitchen/dining room/living room/hallway/entry way).  Hmmm....

again, looking from the hallway - a small sitting area
there's some more of those yucky blinds....blech

At the very least, I could get this room all spiffed up *in preparation* for some new curtains.  Clean the windows & screens, wash all bedding - even the dust ruffle thingy - get the bookcase re-organized and straightened up.

a look into my closet

And my walk-in closet?  It holds WAY more than just my clothes.  Actually, it just holds my shirts & skirts.  Dresses are in another closet (master bath) and all my folded clothes are in the family laundry room.  So in this closet I have storage from our wedding, from my childhood, a huge bin full of pre-digital photos (most from Isaac or before), also school supplies, bins full of beads to make jewelry, play-doh & paint, shoes, computer parts & supplies..........ugh.

some clothes, purses, school curriculum, three bins of "messy" crafts (play-doh, paints, jewelry)

shoes, computer supplies, diapers & wipes, kids' current workbooks in wire baskets

Yet, I bet I can make what I have look tons better than it does right now.  In my head, I have dreams of our master bath being tiled in nice, neutral, spa-like colors - with big, fluffy towels.  I would like my master bedroom to kind of match that feeling.  I can't afford to do it all at once, so I'll just have to work with what I have and start small.

Oh, and the baby naps in here during the day!    ~My little closet critter~
He sleeps upstairs in the boys' room at night, but during the day, it's easier to keep this area a little more quiet for him to rest.  Plus the other boys can still play upstairs during Micah's nap times.

Results on Friday (well, maybe Saturday....I seem to always be a day behind, oh well)~


Holly said...

Really, Lori, it all looks quite good. Perspective, darlin'. :)

And we have often had closet sleepers. :) You do what you have to do. :)

Anna said...

Love love to see the baby pack n play in the closet. My littlest naps in my bathroom. It's big and far far away from the rest of the noise-makers! She sleeps nights in her room with the other girls, but they need their room during the day so you do what you have to do!

I've enjoyed keeping up with your spring cleaning!


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Shelley said...

There is an awesome sale tomorrow 3/20 in Macomb. A 125+ tables and it is sold out. I have been to this one before and it rocks!! It is on mom2momlist.com

*Michigan Momma* said...

@Shelley ~ of course, Dean is out of town today & tomorrow.....of course.
But thanks for letting me know...I'll check out their website!