Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Main Bath BEFORE

I did mention I particularly dislike this bathroom, right?!?

Looking in from the hall.  
I put up some of the kids' paintings ~ I do love to decorate with their artwork!

Oh, I'm so glad I got a shot with dirty pj's hanging from the towel rack....nice.

How in the world do you keep kids' teeth brushing paraphanalia organized & clean?!?

bug spray...suntan detangler...
I guess I could organize a bit better.

not too much down here, 'cause it's the kiddos bathroom, mainly.
They use this bath for brushing their teeth, taking baths, main potty bathroom, etc.

I was kinda hoping to paint this room - and that may happen in time - but I actually just purchased all the paint needed for the kitchen/dining room, living room & hall (except the white for the trim).  I'll probably just end up cleaning up this bathroom REALLY WELL, figuring out some new organizing options, and teaching the kids more about how to keep this bathroom tidy and CLEAN!!  Yes, like flushing with the lid down - thanks Sarah~

**head on over to Sarah's blog to participate in the Spring Cleaning event, or to get inspired by others**


DannielleSB said...

We keep the children's toothbrushes in a 4 oz drinking glass. Those toothbrush holders (on the market) just scream bacteria playground. At least w/a drinking glass you can put it in the dishwasher once a week!

DannielleSB said...

I like the bathroom, I don't like the sink/cabinet combo/medicine cabinet/fixtures lol.

Ok, I like the paint and the shower curtain lol.

All that wood screams 80's lol.

Brooke said...

Seriously when you see my before pictures you are going to wonder why you even spring already looks clean in your bathroom.....sigh. Okay...have fun.

*Michigan Momma* said...

Ok, it's Thursday afternoon, I'm covered in "crushed red pepper" paint (from the kitchen) and I haven't even *touched* this bathroom.

I'm gonna take a break from painting, take down & wash the shower curtain and try to clean it up REALLY WELL after the kiddos go to bed. Good thing the room for this week isn't too bad, or I wouldn't be able to get it done!

I will eventually paint this bathroom too ~ I even picked up some paint swatches to figure out a color - a nice blue. Bright & pretty.....

Dani said...

I absolutely love the decorating with the kids' pictures...adorable! I may have to borrow the idea:)

Having so many mouths in my house;) each child has a plastic pencil box that is filled with their hygiene things (deodorant, tooth brush, paste, and floss). Some store it under the sink, some in their bedroom drawer. It cuts down on the spreading of germs and helps with the organization (not to mention it lessens the need for trying to get 14 different colored tooth brushes!)

Many blessings to you and your family! I love these home idea posts:)

*Michigan Momma* said...

Danielle, that's a great idea....I may have to come up with something similar - they could all store them under the sink, in some sort of small plastic bin, maybe?! I could also find out who keeps wasting the kids' toothpaste that way.....ha :)

Andrea said...

This is helping to inspire me to get off my rear and clean! I have some serious cleaning to do for some Holy Days we celebrate and have been procrastinating. This really helped!!