Friday, April 30, 2010

I've failed...

Well....maybe failed is a strong word.

I had a fantastic, super-mom kind of day.  Got tons done, kids were fairly well-behaved, extra meals were made to go in the fridge for this weekend, shopping was done (yes, even *with* five small children), plants & seeds were purchased for the garden and we even made it to our Pinewood Derby Races this evening on time.

But I forgot the camera.


Neither of the kids placed, but they both got first on at least one heat (is that what they're called?) ~ so they were happy!

Not that I have photographic evidence....'cause I FORGOT MY CAMERA.


Tomorrow I will do better.  The camera will come with me outside when we put in the garden.
I'm so excited!!

And pooped ~ goodnight y'all....


*Michigan Momma* said...

I just checked the weather....I may have to wait to redeem myself. It looks as though the weather may not cooperate for putting in a garden.

Maybe I can get a bunch of girlie toenails painted instead?? And a much-needed haircut for my 8yo??

We shall see....

Tina said...

I hate that too. What I do instead is purposefully take a picture in my head and think to myself, "I'm going to treasure this moment." I've found that I can actually go back and "look" at those shots. (Obviously, this might not work for those non-visual learners. And I do have a darn close to "photographic" memory. Just don't ask me to remember what they said...)

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Don't beat yourself up. You're an AWESOME momma! And hey, that's better than I usually do. I take the camera places, but never take any pictures. Now THAT is bad. So see, you're all good. ;-)