Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random May pictures ~ Enjoy!

Tali next to one of my favorite trees

fuzzy caterpillar in our yard

pretty May flowers in the front flower bed

Isaac, pretending it's actually summer

pine trees in the front

red-winged blackbirds *love* our pond

Isaac & Elijah checking out the new plants

Dean fixed one of the broken boards

Selah & her first finished crochet project ~ a scarf for her friend!

lots of these lil' froggies hidden along the edge of the pond

first flowers on this bleeding heart plant

don't know *what* this is - but I believe it's spreading "cotton" all over the pond/yard

Sundays can be hard on our littlest ones.....poor baby

walking along the road at the end of the day
waiting for the storm to come....


Tina said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Isaac, that's quite the pose!

Andrea said...

I am so jealous of your amazing garden!! =)


*Michigan Momma* said...

Andrea ~ Girl!? You *must* be kidding me!?! This is my first EVER garden ~ the only reason it even remotely looks good is that 1) The previous owners built the raised bed before we bought the house - all my hubby had to do was fix up a broken board and 2) My mom was in town to help me with the particulars (i.e. what to plant, how many, where, when, etc.)

For years now I have *wanted* a garden, yet I've been too busy & overwhelmed with regular life to even *try*!

Now I'm so excited ~ so to anyone who is thinking about a garden: GO FOR IT!! Even if it's just a few plants, it's still darn cool!!

p.s Thanks Andrea ;)

LLJ said...

Great pics, Lori! I hope you really love your garden this summer! Good for you!