Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feeling more like....ME!

A possible recent conversation:

Kiddos:  Momma, there's this really cool caterpillar out here!!
Me:  *groan*  Don't you dare bring that thing in here!  And take off your shoes when you come in here...I'm sick of picking up a ga-gillion shoes!!! *huge sigh*

Today's actual conversation:

Kiddos:  Momma, Elijah found a really cool lookin' caterpillar!!
Me:  Let me see it!  COOL ~ I'll get a glass jar, hold on....

Finally, I feel more like myself.  I've been on & off sick, with different illnesses (nothing major, just a day here, a day there, probably not enough sleep, knowing me) and just haven't been feeling like my usual self.  Yet today, I feel better.  Really better.  Isaac and I came up with a new, easy-to-follow daily schedule that we can  ALL follow.  I've got some ideas for easy breakfasts.  I feel a bit more in control of myself, my days, my babies, my household - yet still understanding I'm not *really* in control of anything.  Not really.

So, tomorrow is a new day!  New with His mercies.  New with His blessings.  New with His opportunities for me!


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Tina said...

Glad you're feeling better! It does take mental energy to respond with enthusiasm and the proper amount of help when our kids come up with their ideas. Luke always asks to bake AFTER I've cleaned the kitchen. I need to be more flexible, I guess. Thanks for the reminder.